My 3 Day Refresh Results & Tips




🌱My results…

As you can see, I lost some weight and an inch! I’m really happy with my results!! My belly bloat is gone, I feel lighter and even though I was eating under 1000 calories a day I feel energized. I was eating pretty clean to start with so these results are a keeper. I will do the Refresh again in a couple months. I think I may do this three or four times a year, seasonally.

Ps…I KNOW I didn’t drink enough water the last three days. Water is still something I struggle with. Actually, just drinking enough of anything is something I struggle with. I’m just not a drink person. I drink slowly and infrequently. So times like these when required to drink quite a bit, I struggle. I think I could have lost another half pound if I had drank what I was supposed to. Water flushes your system.


🌱Recap: what Is the 3 Day Refresh?
In a nut-shell the Refresh is a simple 3 days of plant-based eating that is a HEALTHY way for you to drop a few pounds, get rid of belly bloat, jump start a new workout routine or break a weight loss plateau. It consists of daily, nutrient rich shakes including Shakeology, a Fiber Fresh, Vanilla Fresh, fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats and a lot of water!



🌱What the Refresh is NOT

  • A starvation diet or diet of any kind
  • Something that will make you spend 3 days in the bathroom
  • Lacking real foods


🌱Why did I choose do it? 

To be completely honest, to see what it was all about and to challenge myself and my will power. I feel fantastic after doing it.


💅🏻Excuse my once broken – desperately in need of a pedi – toesies 💅🏻


🌱The Shakes

Shakeology: I LOVE this superfood shake. There is a misconception that Shakeology is a simple protein shake but let’s be honest, if I wanted to protein shake, I can get that at my local Sam’s Club for cheap. It’s NOT just a protein shake. But it does have protein, about 17 grams. But it also has superfoods hand-picked and sourced from around the world, then formulated into a drink that truly gives us what our bodies are missing from the bad eating habits we are accustomed to (like processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, GMO’s, etc). It’s loaded with pre and probiotics, superfoods such as matcha, chaga, camu-camu, and Lycium Berry(goji berry), which deliver phytonutrients, and the list goes on…! Plus zero artificial flavors, colors,  or GMOs. It’s completely different from any other “protein shake” on the market. Ingredients just can’t compare. And it’s delicious!

Vanilla Fresh Shake: I personally liked it. It tastes like a mild vanilla flavoring. My favorite way to make it was with a couple drops of maple extract.  It’s full of plant proteins, tons of vitamins and minerals, NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives…And it keeps you full and satisfied. 

Fiber Sweep Drink: The flavor is lemony, and it smells kind of like fruity pebbles. It was eh, ok. I mixed it with ice cold water + ice and just drank it quickly. It’s not like some fiber drinks that keep you running to the bathroom every hour. It just make it all happen very naturally. 


🌱What results can you expect if you do it?

If you follow the program, typical results you can expect, is between 2 and 5 lbs and probably even an inch or two from you midsection. Reduced belly bloat. A jump start to freedom from caffeine and sugar addiction. A jump start to a weight loss journey. Excess toxins to be gone from your body. And a focal point to a new healthy mindset.

*Great for post-holidays, pre-big event day (think weddings, parties, etc…)!


🌱My Tips 

  • Make sure you space the time out between shakes and food, like the instructions tell you. It not only helps your digestion system, it keeps you satisfied between steps. This is a low calorie 3 days, be wise!
  • Use a blender to mix not only your Shakeology (a must for me), but to make your Fiber Sweep & your Vanilla Fresh too. I’ve heard people complain of texture. Texture isn’t an issue if you use a blender or bullet.
  • Make sure the water you use with your Fiber Sweep is cold. Some don’t like the taste, I don’t mind it all. But if you use cold water, the flavor isn’t as strong
  • You may feel headachy over the course of the 3 days from sugar and/or caffeine withdrawal. I had a pretty bad migraine on day two. We don’t consume much sugar at all in our house anymore so it was likely from caffeine. I am still a coffee drinker, a couple cups a day. Just be patient, the headache will lessen.
  • The taste of the Fiber Sweep by day three had me gagging. I think it’s directly related to how it smells more than texture (a blender fixes that). It’s kind of a super sweet smell, so blend it in a blender with ice cold water/ice and then drink it right down. As it sits it separates and has a weird texture. And as it warms it tastes worse.
  • I liked the taste of the Vanilla Fresh, but some people don’t. Utilize the serving of fruit you get and the spices. I used cinnamon. Plus I used maple extract.
  • Drink a lot of water. This not only helps flush your system, it keeps you full.
  • Get extra sleep. The extra sleep will help ward off cranky mood swings you may experience from withdrawal of caffeine and sugar. I was always super grumpy before dinner. That was my hangry point. Once I ate, I was ok again!
  • Working out – Since the Refresh is a reduced calorie plan (about 900 calories a day), really intense workouts should be put on hold. But light workouts, yoga, walking, short runs are totally fine. Just listen to you body and if you feel sluggish, stop. Since it was my first time doing it I did light yoga for the most part. Nothing that burned through too many calories.


If your interested in doing the 3 Day Refresh yourself you can get it here or you can email me with your questions or any guidance or support you need on your journey 💚


**disclaimer–all results are individual and depend on one’s personal body make up and individual effort. These results are only posted to give you an idea of what I experienced personally.

4 thoughts on “My 3 Day Refresh Results & Tips

  1. I really enjoyed this post! Perfect length, and great picture spacing. I used to have a problem with not drinking enough water! If you want to try something more flavorful, MIO droplets help a ton. They come in all different flavors too 🙂

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