Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!
I love 💜 this workout by Shaun T, Insane Weights!! It’s fast and fun! I’ll be continuing with Shaun T on #BOD till Shift Shop releases in July (can’t wait!!). He is so encouraging and upbeat! I swear in his workouts, time zooms by so fast! Guys, I’m telling you  you seriously NEED to experience Shaun Week, and having #BOD at your fingertips!

The  rain cleared up, making for a pretty day!!

Easy dinner night, big salads  with a lil soup I think. I’m not feeling like being in the kitchen tonight and salads are so easy to make super fast. Greens, other assorted veggies, maybe some fruit, add your protein of choice and boooom, dinner’s ready!

Besides, the weekend’s turning out kinda screwy because Keith’s hours are all jumbled for the next week, but it’s ️ FRIDAY!! I’m pretty sure I’m just super excited he’s home ❤️

Not much planned for the weekend now, maybe some  Yoga with the RWB on Sunday, and maybe hopping on some stationary bikes at the rec center since Keith has a pretty bad case of shin splints (still), and of course we’ll be doing #BOD workouts. Otherwise I think we’re chillin’ watching re-runs of #GOT, getting ready for the July premiere! I was sulky  because they plan such short seasons now, but watching the series over again, I’m getting super excited! I hope they make those few episodes EPIC!



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