Just Another Manic Monday

So my day was all off my routine 🙃 with my hubby’s hours being switched around and him being home all day. And the me of the past may have just sloughed off my workout and enjoyed the day with my hubby and moved on….
But instead, I rescheduled my 🔆 day and made it work 👍🏽. Yeah, I’m behind on emails and messages, but I didn’t cancel my routine and just opt out….. (playing catch up tomorrow)!
Conquer your mind…Most of getting a firm foundation with fitness and nutrition is mental. If you can conquer your mind, you can handle most any challenge you face! I’ve spent much of my life being at odds with myself 😣🥊Kicking myself around and being my OWN worst enemy. I’m focusing really hard on making those days a thing of the past.
And lately, I kinda feel like a bad ass🔥😘 Positive vibes, spreading good karma, allowing myself to be fully who I am and who I’m becoming
Today, I went all in with doubles. Team #SYSOf is starting Shaun week over again (on repeat till #shiftshop drops). So I did Insane Basics and improved my form😘💦 AND I did Joel Freeman’s Exclusive #BOD workout too. PLUS I did some strength training 😅💦🔥🔥🔥 I’ve definitely been upping my fitness game lately. I’m just so inspired and motivated by my mentor, the challengers and all the support I’m getting. I’ve got my groove back and it feels pretty darn awesome.
Need to up your fitness game too or just need to get started? I’m always here to help and share the tools that have been working for me & my tribe 💞🙌🏽
💙 Susan

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