Heart to Heart



Heart to Heart

😊 The reason I became a coach first ☝️🏽 and foremost was to stay accountable to myself. There have only been two times I have made consistent changes to my lifestyle to become healthier and lose the damn darn weight (and keep it off). Both times I was with Beachbody.  🤔And yeah, I’m losing the weight, and my nutrition has vastly improved, but you know what else? I’ve changed from the 🌟✨ inside out. I’ve gained so much since stepping back into coaching.

⭐Self respect & self acceptance
⭐Willpower and focus
⭐Knowledge to be able to help myself and others
I made my health my job or I knew wouldn’t stick to it long term, coaching offered that. So many people look at this coaching thing backwards and think we put so much in and get so little back. You know what we coaches invest in? OURSELVES 💓. We get fit, get healthy, learn about nutrition and implement what we learn at home. We work on self improvement and self love so we can extend and pay it forward it to the rest of the universe. And we gain a #tribe of amazing positive goal oriented people.

It’s really that simple. 
So if your looking to expand your horizons and start a new career path, and want to work on your fitness and health goals with me…..I’m looking for 3-5 ladies (or guys) to work with and add to my team this summer ☀️ If your ready to crush some goals, I can get you into a sneak peek of the biz, OR you can apply right now and join my team⚡

Get me into the sneak peek   ⬅️➡️   I’m ready to join the team

Find Your Tribe – Love Them Hard


*Residents of USA & Canada only at this time*

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