So Whataya Do….

… the next day after you take a day off to have an at home #paintparty with the girls, and you have a holiday weekend and a holiday party to do?

You do doubles , that’s what you do! Boom!! Plus I did a couple miles this morning, boom, boom AND BOOM!


✔️2 Miles
✔️25 Abs

You know, really what it was?
I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and just wanted to feel healthy and strong again, and it’s bonus points that I’ve already sized down for a new swimsuit in just a month️!

So what can you accomplish over a whole summer I have a few spots reserved for me to add people who are ready for some serious commitment to getting healthy and fit this summer to the #SYSOFshift group!! Workout programs + recipes + nutrition & superfoods + a strong support system AND me giving you some daily motivation to help you get #results



You’ve heard and seen my results. This is Andrea’s, she killed it with one week of Shaun week, now imagine a summer of Shift Shop!

Andrea lost 6.3 pounds!! And 3.25 inches!!!

Ready to join us yet??

Drop me an email for more info 💙

(USA & Canada residents only at this time 😢)

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