The Blue Sky Tag

Thanks to Pamela @StarringPamela for another “open to all tag”! I love your blog & I’m happy I stumbled across you!



  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Give them 11 questions to answer



My Questions:

      1.What’s your favorite video game?

I don’t play many at all, or very often. So there are really only four; Fable, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Civilization


      2. Do you have any pets?

Two cats. Loki & Tinka Bell. Loki’s (the black one, has had several names. We thought at first he was a she and we named “her” Faith. When we found out she was a he, his name changed to Not Faith, which was Not easy to call him by. It was usually shortened to Not and he is kind of “off” and he never really learned that name. So since I’m a big Loki (Marvel) fan and we couldn’t think of anything that suited him, he became Loki. He is kind of dopey. He was brought to me as a stray. And he feared walking on the carpet the first week or so. Tinka Belle, is my little princess of the house. She is named after Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast). She doesn’t like humans at all. She was also a stray that was brought to us. We had her 5 years before she’d even let my hubby touch her. But now she’s come a long way and she is a bit social. They were both very feral and it took me a long time to gain trust with them. Now they are just happy lazy (Loki anyway) house cats who are tame as can be. But don’t expect Tinka to ever want to be near you, ever.


       3. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you pick?

Hmmm… I’m really not much of a celebrity stalker. And we’re talking dinner here. So how about Chefs Richard Landau & Kate Jacoby owners of Vedge, an innovative vegetarian restaurant in Philadelphia PA. Or any of the many fabulous chef’s I follow!




       4.What’s your favorite type of monument?

I love old burial monuments, the angels especially. I love temples and stone circles too.



     5.Do you ever print photos?

I do, for wall hangings!



     6.Coffee or tea?

Both! Depends on my mood.



     7.Do you dance?

Not often enough! 




   8.What’s your favorite holiday?

I used to love Halloween, but I think I mostly loved the cool crisp autumn breezes and all the autumn scents. In Virginia Beach, we don’t really get the same kind of autumn as we did in Ohio. But I still love it because it’s the beginning of all the winter holidays. It’s a magical time!

giphy (1).gif


   9.Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes I do 

giphy (2).gif


   10. How many people would you ever invite to your house at one time for a party? Is there a limit?

Well, there’s only a limit because, space you know? We have a smallish apartment. We were actually trying to plan a July 4th get together here and we were just debating how many we can fit inside. We guess at 10 max!

giphy (3).gif


   11. What always makes you laugh?

The sound of babies laughing, Marvel movies, SNL, Last Week Tonight, The Daily Show, my hubbies jokes

giphy (4).gif


My Nominees:

I’m going to do an opt-in option for today’s tag. If you would like to do this tag, just comment “Tag Me!” below (or whatever you want really) and then be sure to let me know so I can read it!

And that’s the Blue Sky Tag! Let me know if you do this tag or feel free to answer a question or two (or all!) in the comments below. I’d love to read your answers.

Later all!

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