❣️10 Years❣️

We just wound down from the weekend events and today is our wedding anniversary❣️

❤️️🎊💕️🎉💞🍾💃🏽🕺🏽🙌🏽❤️ And it’s a big one! 10 years!!!  And how are we celebrating? We’re going to see the new 🕷️ Spiderman at Cinema Cafe! It’s a dinner theater. Nothing fancy, just a chill evening.


But we’re also leaving soon for our vacation to the Jersey Shore ☀️🌊⛱ soon! And I’m certain we’ll plan out a fund night or two out while we’re there! We’re a pretty laid back couple though. Our wedding was at a justice of the peace and we just did a long weekend honeymoon to St. Augustine Fl.

We keep saying we’re gonna do something BIG someday to make up for it, but life gets in the way or we lose track of planning time. At this point I think instead of doing a renewal of vows we’re just gonna plan a real honeymoon✈ We’ve talked Italy, Hawaii and Ireland as possible destinations. With Italy and Hawaii we are even talking moving there for a while maybe someday!

But for now I sign off to go get pretty for a movie 🎞 date with my honey 💏

ps…look at my belly! I’ve lost so much weight since then!!

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