Would You Rather Book Tag!


Saw this over at Starring Pamela (a pretty awesome blog, you should go check it out!) and decided to give it a go….


Would you rather: a series or a standalone?

I don’t read a lot, unless I am. Which means when I do decide to, I want to be fully immersed in a story, a world and the characters. So for that reason I much prefer a series.

Would you rather: read only female authors or only male authors?

I have no preference at all. 

Would you rather: shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Either. But I do love going in to B&N to browse the shelves and find something I have yet to discover. I could spend hours!

Would you rather: all book adaptations become movies or tv shows?

Movies. Movies tend to be bigger and with substantially larger budgets. And since I love the series type books I also enjoy series movies (Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, etc…) Although I think Game Of Thrones has done equally well with both, I think Walking Dead is very splintered. I’m actually happy I didn’t read the comics first.

Would you rather: read 5 pages a week or 5 books a week?

5 pages. I like to stay with a story a while. I become attached. Unless of course it’s a series and even then I like to take my time.

Would you rather: be a professional book reviewer or a professional author?

Hmm, author because I’m picky about what I do read.

Would you rather: only read your top 20 books over and over again or always read a new book?

I am a re-reader for sure. Like I said, I become attached  

Would you rather: be a librarian or book seller?

Book seller for sure. I’d love to dabble in older books or comics. Very eclectic and eccentric! 

Would you rather: read only from your favorite genre or read anything but your favorite genre?

I am pretty stuck in specific genre. Horror, mystery, science fiction mostly. I do love personal development books and some poetry too. 

Would you rather: read physical books or ebooks?

Physical. I like the feel and the smell, yep I’m one of those people.


Feel free to snag the graphic and link back too, I’d love to read yours if you do this! No tagging, I’d love you all to join in!

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