36 Things


36  Things about me!

Let your friends learn 36 things about you, snag graphic & re-post on your blog!


1. Do you like Blue cheese dressing?  

– Nope


2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?  

– Yes, 4 packs a day for too long, coming up on 5 years smoke free I believe


3. Do you own a gun?  

– I do not


4. What flavor Kool-Aid?  

– Yuck


5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?  

– Very


6. What do you think of hot dogs?  

– Yuck


7. Favorite Christmas movie?  

– Love Actually and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer


8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

– Water w/lemon, followed by an Arbonne shake and then coffee


9. Can you do push-ups?  

– A few from plank, bust mostly on my knees


10. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?  

– My wedding ring/engagement ring


11. Favorite hobbies?  

– Working out, renaissance faires, volunteering, travel/exploring, learning….


12. Do you have A.D.D.?  

– Nope


13. Do you wear glasses?  

– Yeah, I have since I was about 5


14. Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunset, although I am learning to appreciate sunrises lately.


15. Three thoughts right now?

– I hope I do well in a new volunteer opacity I just undertook, darn, I’m behind again with blogging and groups, it looks like rain….


16. Name 2 or 3 drinks you drink regularly?

– Water, protein shake, coffee


17. What do I worry about most?

– Other people


18. Currently hate anyone?

– Hate’s a waste of energy, so no


19. Favorite place to be?  

– With loved ones, or by the ocean, or with loved ones by the ocean…


20. Who is your best friend?

– (I am lucky enough to have a few  ❤️)… The one’s who’ve been around forever…E’Lise, Tina, Elizabeth. And the ones who are new in my life but forever in my heart…Rachel & Wendy. And of course, my hubby❤️


21. Where would you like to live?

– Italy, Ireland, Canada, Hawaii, California, Washington State, Maine


22. Do you own slippers?  

– Yes


23. What color shirt are you wearing?  

– Black


24. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?  

– No


25. Can you whistle?  

– Kinda


26. Where are you?  

– In the office


27. Favorite season?

– Autumn, followed closely by summer, then winter, lastly spring


28. Would you be a pirate?

– A nice one for a day


29. What songs do you sing in the shower?  

– Lately, Mr Blue Sky


30. Favorite Girl’s Name?

– Kate, Rebecca (Becca), Michaela 


31. Favorite boy’s name?  

– Hmmm don’t have one, so Keith (my hubby)


32. What’s in your pocket right now?



33. Last thing that made you laugh?  

– A silly dog video


34. What vehicle do you drive?  

– I don’t


35. Worst injury/pain you ever had?  

– I should say when I sliced my hand open with a box cutter, fraction of an inch from a main artery. But instead I will say an ankle injury that kept re-occurring for about a year or so.


36. Favorite Month?


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