Is my star sign a true reflection of me?!



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I actually did used to be really into astrology a few years ago, so I knew the traits that were normally associated with my sign and the way they are described on this site, they fit me fairly well. Normally though many sites have Leo as being a huge egomaniac and that’s just not me. And I’m not a lover of the limelight. They say many Leo’s crave the stage and I’m more of the I’d get my recognition behind the scenes kind of girl. I am not the showy type.

Leo Star Sign Facts and Traits

Leo – The Lion

July 23 – August 22
Your element: Fire
Your ruling planets: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Your stone: Peridot

Life Pursuit: To lead the way

Vibration: Radiant Energy

Leo’s Secret Desire: To be a star


More Astrology Traits and Personality of Leo

Charismatic and Stylish:
Love triumphs over all for this sign, which is ruled by the heart and operates from this dimension too. Leo’s are born fortunate. Charismatic and positive-thinking they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive life’s stormy times with style and good humour. Their ruling planet is the Sun, and this is often reflected in their sunny and happy nature.
🌞 While I am heart-centric and I am very much a survivor, I actually don’t attract friends very easily. I think a lot of that has to do with my shy/reserved nature when I first meet people mixed with my nervous/awkward vibe when I first meet someone. I’m also not much of a talker and you add that to my resting b*tch face and I guess I may appear un-interested or un-approachable. But get past those first awkward meetings and I’m a dedicated and loyal friend with a warm heart and a giving loving nature.
Loyal and Devoted:
Once a Lion is committed to a relationship, they are totally devoted and faithful. Should their heart or trust be broken they never forgive or forget. When a relationship breaks down (even a long standing one) they can disappear into the sunset without a backward look. Leos can cut ties, and leave others heartbroken, but usually there is a good reason why they have broken a tryst. For a Leo, when a relationship is over, really over, it is over for good.
🌞 This is SPOT ON, nothing more to say 😉
Soul evolution of Leo:
There are three levels of soul-evolution of the Leos. The highest is represented by the Sphinx; wise beyond their years and great teachers to others. The second is the Lion, King of the Jungle, ruled by ego but always protective and sustaining of those they love. The last is the Lion Cub, immature and undeveloped, frightened by anything new. These Leos cling to others (in the mode of the child not wanting to leave its mother’s side).) They can’t bear to be alone.
🌞 This is SPOT ON, nothing more to say 😉
Proud and Born to Lead:
No matter what level they have attained, all Leos are trendsetters, leaders and adventurers. They are idealistsic, honest and direct, and will work long and hard to achieve their goals.
Their weakness is their pride. This is one sign where the saying “flattery will get you everything” applies, they thrive on admiration from others, but be warned criticism will slam the relationship door right in your face.
🌞 Kind of mixed here. I am good at leadership but not quick to take up the call to it. I do have an adventurous spirit and a deep sense of wanderlust. Pride is my weakness, but not in the typical definition of pride. It’s more anxiety over embarrassment in failure. I don’t have a big ego. And I get uncomfortable with flattery and may even wonder why you are giving me any kind of flattery, it makes me suspicious lol. Criticism is a HUGE weakness for me, because of that sense of embarrassment. I tend to want to be perfect. Not for perfections sake, and not for myself or for show. But in the desperate want to not disappoint anyone. 

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