Team RWB Volunteers & Runners @ Road Rage Summer Sizzler – A Mini Photo Blog

The race turnout was smaller than usual for a Road Rage event but the Navy/Air Force Half Marathon was happening in DC as well as the OBX Triathlon and and an Air Show going on with lots of other little events happening around town. But it was a gorgeous day for running and volunteering. The rain held off, there was a gorgeous breeze off the Atlantic and lots of smiling happy runners and volunteers having a fabulous Sunday morning at the beachfront!

Volunteering for races is a great way to stay involved in the running community. While entry fees go to charities, some times you just can’t afford to put funds into race events. Keith and I are focusing on paying off some credit debt and socking away some funds into savings. Volunteering gets us out there with our team, plus we are supporting our community of runners and race walkers as well as our teams runners. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to cheer on and give support to people who are out there giving their all.  

And even if you aren’t a runner, race walker, or even part of a team; many races offer volunteer positions open to the community, especially the larger events. So it’s a fun way to involve yourself in community spirit and local running events which are often held every year as a tradition! 

















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