Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills!

A very important awareness launch from Harley’s Dream ❤️ Please take a moment to read more about Harley, this mission and the fight to end puppy mills everywhere!

Harley's Dream

Harley’s Dream is excited to launch “Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills,” our fall awareness initiative with the goal of educating children worldwide in a fun, child-friendly, and impactful fashion. This project is designed to raise awareness about the puppy mill issue in a light-hearted and engaging way, yet with clearly outlined actions that can be taken to “take a bite” out of this industry.

Teddy, a puppy mill survivor and spokes-dog against puppy mills, is the inspiration behind our Halloween-themed awareness campaign. Because of health concerns, Teddy had to visit his doctor (aka “the bloodsucker”) for a series of blood tests and one day he decided to wear his vampire costume to an appointment … and the idea was born! Teddy “vants” you to join him this fall to “Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills!”

Halloween is a great opportunity to educate both young and…

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