My 30 Day Journey

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Follow me or join me as I do the 30 Days To Healthy Living Challenge! While I use or have sampled most of the products already, I’ve never used them in a focused pro-active way like this. The 30 Days To Healthy Living Challenge is program developed to give your body a mild, natural detox from all the junk foods we eat while showing exactly how to eat for optimal health and a strong body.
I want to not only share my journey with you, but answer any questions you may have along the way. Especially if you decide to join me and get our bodies feeling fabulous before all the holiday foods and goodies start showing up everywhere! The 30 Days To Healthy Living Challenge will give me all the knowledge, and food choice confidence I need to get me through the holidays and beyond!
I’ve placed my order and have my shopping list ready, hopefully (it should), my products will all be delivered before the 15th! Here is a list of the products I will be incorporating into mine (and my hubby’s) lifestyle:
🌱 Daily Fiber Boost
🌱 Digestion Plus
🌱 Herbal Detox Tea
🌱 Protein Shake Mix
🌱 Energy Fizz Sticks
🌱 Greens Balance
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I skipped the 7 Day Detox this time around (which is usually done prior to starting the 30 days, simply because of timing and wanting to be finished before I the holidays were starting. So my results may not be as good for weight loss as it could be, but I will still be able to stay super focused on getting nutrition on point!
If you’d like to join me and do the 30 Days To Healthy Living
contact me and/or shop here:
If you just have a question or two or want more info email me here:
If you just want to follow me on my journey, stop by my page or this blog daily!
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