So what’s my fitness schedule look like these days?


Well, it may seem like I’m doing a pretty routine schedule. But in reality every day there’s a nice variance now. **Les Mills online has new classes that start weekly plus you can do drop in classes live at local gyms around town. Yoga I have a rotation of programs I do including but not limited to; Bob Harper, and Gaiam online with local drop in classes in my community. And run training you can take just about anywhere. And I’m one of the few that even loves a treadmill workout here and there. So here’s my autumn schedule that allows me a lot more flexibility and will prevent me from dreaded fitness boredom.  

LM S.jpg

** Les Mills classes are the best fitness classes! I also do Bodystep, Grit, and RPM. And will soon (as soon as I get my stationary bike) add RPM to at home fitness for those days I just don’t want to leave the house lol. But Les Mills does have a streaming service where you can access all of it (HERE). But I highly recommend you try to get to at least a gym or rec center that has classes and/or drop in classes. While it’s nice to have convenience to having the streaming service (which we use ALL the time), it’s so much fun and so energizing to be in a live class! It’s great to have a change up in your routine to keep from getting bored with your routine. I’ve found having a good mix of at home and live workouts is what keeps me motivated and excited about working out!

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