Meet The Furkids

Tinka Belle is a calico kitty and she has never been a friendly girl. She was a feral cat that a neighbor brought to us because she had been living under her grandma’s porch and the neighbor was trying to kill her. But time and patience has proven that even a feral, frightened, angry kitten can turn into an amazingly loving and loyal member of a family!


She now wants nothing more than to keep a close eye on me. Ever since our chihuahua (Ippo) passed away a year ago she has been by my side and comforted me through difficult moments. Our bond has grown tremendously the last year. She is my rock, even if she can be aloof and anti-human at times. ps…she hate everyone but us!


Loki name has changed about three times since he came to us. Another hard case, this fella would not walk on carpeting when he first came into the apartment. It took him a week or so to stop just jumping from furniture to furniture and walk on the floor. He’s a bit, “off”. Perhaps a bit autistic maybe. 


He is a cuddle bug though, but still after over 6 years he is still skittish and temperamental. He was brought to us by the same neighbor. Neither of these babes had microchips and no one ever claimed them. They stayed with us in the beginning because we were pretty sure with all their oddities in behavior, they would have a hard time getting adopted. We still have to work with them daily. Neither are your typical playful sweet cats. They are moody, they can be aloof, but are very loved and love us right back (in their way, in their time and only for as long as they deem appropriate lol).


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