7 Day Body Cleanse Testimonial

ENVP Eunice Ray

Just read this testimonial and HAD to share! SO powerful and truly life changing. Who do you know who may benefit from this?!? Pass it on!!

Thank you to Eunice Ray for sharing this powerful testimony on the 7 Day Cleanse:
On April 14, 2016, I weighed 208 lbs, and experiencing many health issues, including leukemia. As a Vietnam Veteran, I was exposed to Agent Orange and have had heavy metals and mercury in my blood detected since returning from Vietnam in 1970. On April 15, 2016, on the urging of my wife, I began the Arbonne 28 (Now 30) Day Program. During the first 21 days, I lost over 20 lbs. On day 22, I began a 7 day detox program. (NOTE: I have tried numerous detox programs over the years in an attempt to rid my body of the heavy metal and mercury, without success.) Immediately prior to beginning the 7 day detox I met with my VA Oncologist and had blood work completed. The results once again presented a list of heavy metals and mercury content. (This was incidental to my Arbonne Program and not planned.) I completed the 7 day detox and the 28 day Arbonne Program. My total weight loss was 34 lbs. In May, I returned to see my VA Oncologist for additional blood tests as I must do each month. This time, however, the doctors noticed that not only had I lost 34 lbs, which shocked them, but they also noticed there were NO heavy metals or mercury detected. One of the doctor’s asked me what I did to lose the weight and remove the heavy metals and mercury. At first, I could not immediately relate the 7 day detox to this and told him about the 28 day Program. I also explained the 7 day detox. He stated the detox had to have been the catalyst that did this. He and his staff now want to know more about this program and I have been asked to provide detailed information for their review. I cannot recommend this program more to everyone. Especially to anyone who may have been exposed to toxic chemicals. Thanks to Arbonne for developing amazing products that actually work, and for having the foresight to recognize that the focus had to be on “Lifestyle Transformation” and NOT on “Just another diet”.

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