🌿🥑🍓🍋Whether on the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program, or off, this is a wonderful guide to lean, clean snacks. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, quite the opposite as it helps maintain consistent metabolic function in our bodies. Some cultures recommend 5-6 small meals throughout the day for optimal metabolism and digestive function. Enjoy!!
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  • Seasonal fruit with organic whole milk or plain yogurt and freshly ground flaxseed.
  • Whole-grain, high fiber crackers with cheese or smoked salmon.
  • A small handful of raw or lightly toasted nuts.
  • Cucumber or carrot slices and hummus.
  • A hardboiled egg (look for omega-3-enriched eggs for added nutritional value) sprinkled with smoked paprika.
  • Fresh vegetables with organic plain yogurt – add fresh herbs and seasonings for more flavor.

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