Flat Me for From Here To Eternity & the Cemetery We Will Haunt…


Running costume – INKnBURN  🕯 Compression Sleeves  – Zensah🕯 Shoes – Saucony

Keith and I just talked about these old cemetery’s a month or so ago. They are rich in history and the ethereal morbid beauty that is of the past. As more and more space is needed for buildings and homes, places like this will soon be relegated to table top books, old photos and at best, museums. 

But all of these old monuments require care and maintenance. And with in some case decedents long gone or moved elsewhere it’s often times left to the cemetery itself to care for these amazingly beautiful grounds and monuments. Both physically and financially.

The mission of the Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation (NSCC) is to preserve, protect and promote the eight historic municipal cemeteries located in Norfolk, Virginia through conservation, education and advocacy. NSCC partners with The City of Norfolk’s Bureau of Cemeteries to ensure the conservation & preservation of Norfolk’s  eight historic municipal cemeteries. These sacred spaces are valuable artistic, educational, cultural and recreational resources for our community.”

They have to come up with creative ways to fund the care and restoration, and this 5K I’m doing this weekend is just one of those creative ways. With Halloween season in the air and peoples love for spooky, mysterious things this time of year, this kind of event is perfect!  More about this tomorrowwwww……




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