My thoughts on running and races these days…



So, why don’t I run as many races as I used to? There’s only one reason really, if I’m going to be brutally honest with myself and with all of you. I love the fact that entry fee goes towards great causes. I love all the camaraderie and excitement. I love the morning air and seeing the sun rise. I love getting my workout done in the morning. 

😒 But I have trouble waking up that early 😒


And it’s not even that it’s THAT early. It’s only about an hour or so earlier than I usually get up. But I have so much darn trouble getting up that extra hour early! And we love to sleep in on weekends. I would run soooo many more events if they were all at about 10 or 11 on the weekends 😏

Same with running with clubs. I belong to the Running Turtles and they do a run, I swear, 15 walking minutes from our doorstep.  No lie. And I NEVER make it. Why, because they meet that hour too early 😒 Same with volunteering (even though I try to do one a month!) I plan to work on this morning problem, but I’ll embrace every single later in the day race I can find!

Beyond that, with running,  I realized not too long ago I really am just a 5K kind of girl. Sure I still would love to do my bucket list half marathons one day. But I don’t want to run that far to train or daily. I get bored 😒  So, since realizing this I think my plan is to just focus on my 5K and my speed. Because to be honest again, the faster it goes, the less bored I get. 


I seriously don’t get how marathoners don’t get bored. I can see how ultra runners, you know the crazy wonderful people that run longer than a marathon, don’t get bored. They usually have amazing destinations and they are a whole different ballpark. 

Some day I will aim for longer races, but I think those miles will be trail miles. On the trails I won’t get bored. I will be surrounded with beauty and nature. So in the future I see trails. But the next year I am devoting to my 5K & speed!

You have to be true to yourself and your run. If you don’t enjoy the run, why do it. So adjust your sails once in a while, but keep on running!


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