Day 6/30 – Healthy Living Challenge


Yesterday was a busssssy day. We shopped all day. We had a lot of small things to pick up for a Trunk-Or-Treat we’re participating in today. Plus we stopped by a thrift shop to look for a couple add on pieces to our costume for the day today (Hogwarts students). A run to the post office and the grocery store topped it off. We had minimum time today but still wanted to eat healthy and according to plan! Sorry no photo’s we really were time crunching. And by dinner we were super hungry and just wanted to dive in. As usual post-race we headed to bed early!

BREAKFAST: arbonne vanilla shake w/cinnamon + daily fiber + arbonne greens balance + 1 green apple & 1 pear

LUNCH: amy’s organic chunky vegetable soup + digestion plus (doubled) (between shopping trips) + added and arbonne nutrition bar while we were driving

SNACK: broccoli, carrots and hummus + pomegranate fizz stick w/water (on the go)

EXERCISE: walking around all day shopping then a 5K (also had a banana post-race)

DINNER:  no cook zoodles w/wakami pesto + roasted garbanzo beans (hefty portion) + garlic roasted quinoa

BEFORE BED:  arbonne herbal detox tea

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