From Here To Eternity 5K



PicMonkey Collage

This was a super nice event! I’m not sure what we were expecting but the whole event was professional and very well done. With smaller, lesser known events you expect something to be below par, but not with this one. I was slow, I was suppppper slow. But i haven’t been training and I’ve been sick. I walked a lot more than I ran and was sneezing the whole way, but I did it. I have my super slow 5K to build on from here out. I felt good even while the sinus infection reminded me it wasn’t quite gone yet. We had a lot of fun! 

Here’s my review/points of note:

  • goodie bag with race shirt, cup, sticker, and a notepad w/magnet on the back
  • organized check in/adequate amount of pins
  • adequate port-a-potties
  • nice race shirt
  • cute unique medal
  • water stop w/ cold, not iced, water
  • bag at the finish with regular sized water bottle, nice banana and small bag of pretzels
  • nice cheer section at the end
  • adequate roping so you wouldn’t get lost on the course
  • medic on bike following through the course and as a sweeper, super generous cut off time it seemed. They were only sweeping? perhaps as we were leaving.
  • beautiful manicured grounds
  • gentleman who would show up at corners of the course to cheer you on
  • well organized race
  • cute awards
  • police to help us cross the roads to the cemetery
  • race directors and volunteers were super helpful

I think the ONLY negative of the whole thing was running on grass, it’s harder lol. We would definitely do this race again!

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PicMonkey Collagee.jpg



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