Day 7/30 – Healthy Living Challenge


PicMonkey Collaged

Sleeeeeep lol, this was a busy weekend! Sunday we were up and out the door for a Trunk Or Treat volunteer event. So we put on our best robes and spent the day fighting Aragog for candy to give to the kids. Our trunk was a quick throw together and we’d never done a trunk or treat before but it turned out to be a lot of fun and all the kids had a great time! By the time we got home we were both sooooo tired. We were rushing around so much that once we were home I just didn’t even think of taking any food photos. BUT we did somehow manage to stay on track with good food this weekend.  I guess we really have finally found the keys to healthy nutrition and making it living and not a diet 🎃


BREAKFAST: arbonne chocolate shake + daily fiber + arbonne greens balance + 1 banana & a handful of unsalted mixed nuts

LUNCH: amy’s organic hearty italian vegetable soup + celery, carrots and hummus + digestion plus (doubled) w/water

EXERCISE: 30 minutes yoga w/fizz stick and water

DINNER: spanish quinoa stuffed peppers (minus the corn) + watermelon

BEFORE BED:  arbonne herbal detox tea

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