USDA Needs Our Feedback – Deadline Nov 2

Puppy Mills need to be illegal.
#1 The majority of dogs bred at Puppy Mills and used as studs are kept in horrible living conditions and with minimal vet care. Their lives are spent as slaves with little to no humane treatment given to them, their lives are misery.
#2 Many puppies that come from mills, have genetic issues and health issues that may or will come up some time in their lives. This comes from their mothers being bred countless times over and over again.
#3 There is little need for breeding anyway, just look in any shelter. There are even pure breed rescues.

Harley's Dream

We have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to let the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) know how we feel about possible changes regarding commercial dog breeding (puppy mill) licensing. The USDA is asking for the public to comment and the deadline is November 2nd.

According to the USDA, “We are soliciting public comment on potential revisions to the licensing requirements under our Animal Welfare Act regulations to promote compliance with the Act, reduce licensing fees, and strengthen existing safeguards that prevent any individual whose license has been suspended or revoked, or who has a history of noncompliance, from obtaining a license or working with regulated animals. We are soliciting public comment on these topics to help us consider ways to reduce regulatory burden and more efficiently ensure the sustained compliance of licensees with the Act.”

Suggested issues to address in your comments to the USDA:

  • OPPOSE: Encourage the USDA to…

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