Code For your 30-day free trial of Les Mills OnDemand


I’ve been an avid Les Mills fan since they were teamed with Beachbody. Their Bodypump and Bodycombat fitness programs were my favorites. They left Beachbody quite a while ago and I followed them! Besides running, walking, hiking and yoga, this is what I do. These have been the most effective at home fitness programs I’ve ever done. And now they’ve given their loyal fan base a special code we can extend to others. We get no financial kickbacks, no special anything. It’s just a way to express our love of the Les Mills fitness programs to our friends and family and allow them to sample the programs for free for a full 30 Days with OnDemand. 

So how do you redeem the code?

  1. Your  must sign up for a new LES MILLS On Demand subscription via
  2. During checkout, you will be asked “Do you have an activation code or discount code?”. You can then enter the unique code I give you!
  3. Once you complete the sign up process, you automatically receive 30 days’ free access to LES MILLS on Demand

So what’s the code?????

Your code is: supinesubstance57


Terms and Conditions: Extended free trial is for 30 days and is redeemable for new subscribers only. Not valid to past trialists or current subscribers.

The Les Mills Trainers Philosophy


8 thoughts on “Code For your 30-day free trial of Les Mills OnDemand

  1. Hi! I’m super interested in giving this a try. Did you update the code? The supinesubstance57 isn’t working. Thank you so much!


  2. Thank you Susan! I was able to use it!! At the very first screen of signing up I put the code in and it said invalid code but that screen is only for a PROMO code. On the second screen after you enter your name and such is where we enter your activation code that works.

    I thought I would mention it in case that is what others tried as well :). Thank you again for sharing the code. 30 days is way better than 10 days free!!!!


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