Oracle Reading For Monday 4/22


South Node – “Don’t let your past hold you back”

Is there any issues with past karma? Old karma, maybe years ago? Or even another lifetime? If you’re stuck. If you feel like you can’t move forward in something; a job, relationship, goal, task, etc…, past karma may be holding you back. Karma that’s maybe turned outward with things like overeating, smoking, other addictions, or even a toxic relationship. Past karma can come back to haunt you by repeating patterns of toxicity, over and over again until that past karma is resolved. This can point to obsessions. This card is calling for changes. Changes in these behaviors and for you to recognize it. 

Repeating behaviors that have not helped you achieve your goals are only going to keep repeating. You need a new focus, different actions. In many cases you may need to release the thing you obsess over that causes you to be stuck in limbo. 

If there are past retributions you can clear up; such as an apology that was never given, don’t you think it’s time to do so? If there is past karma that you still have the ability to clear, this is the sign you need to get it done!

ps….sorry the lighting and photo are bad. Busy day but I knew I wanted to start these readings today so I just hurried the photo. 

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