Future Plans Bucket List (Part 1)



I have a lot of goals. I’ve been doing a lot of planning and dreaming lately, with more emphasis on planning since the dreams are kind of been there a long time. I’m unsure how yet I’m pulling it all together to form a cohesive unit but that’s a work in progress. I’m blessed and filled with gratitude that my husband supports my focus on career shifts and my holistic goals. We are blessed he has a good career to afford me the luxury of pursuit of my dreams. It’s all not as pricey as you may think. I’ve researched a whole lot!

I am presently finishing up a Crystal Healing certification and will have that info up on the blog for you to see, very soon. But I also have other projects and certifications for the near future. I am getting certified in holy fire and archangel light reiki, both level 1. This differs from the usui reiki certification I hold in that usui reiki is a hands on practice, whereas my new certifications are a different style and technique. I decided to do this not only to give clients options but also for me to delve further into reiki studies which will only enrich my practice. All the above certifications will be held before the month is over. 

Longer range plans? I would love to add aromatherapy to my practice, as well as adding pranic healing and maybe eft work into my grab bag of healing modalities. More and more doctors and hospitals are utilizing alternative therapies into their treatment plans and this is my area of focus. 

I’ve also been looking into receiving some life coaching training. Among my friends I’m considered wise and am usually the one they come to for life advice. A long time ago I had considered teaching and I know all those quizes and tests people take to realize their life’s goals and ambitions have always pointed me in the direction of teaching and healing, and so, here we are. 

I’ve also just started dabbling in crystal and tibeten bowls. Sound healing is profoundly good for my psyche and if I can share that gift with others, all the more beautiful.

I’ve always had an itch for photography and my husband keeps pushing me to invest and learn since that’s something that is useful even if just for blogging or my future website. I would love to snap exquisite photos when we travel! 

For my Arbonne biz I’m looking into expanding my skill set with doing some classes in makeup and considering heading back to school to become an esthetician. Our skincare line is the absolute best in my opinion and I’d love to mesh the two!

The next few years are going to be so BUSY! Even my hubby’s headed back to school soon! 



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