Today – Part 1

The day started out with cappucino, misty rain and some peaceful moments by the bay in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island (New Jersey). It was so pretty and so quiet, could have stayed all day just watching the clouds, the seagulls, and the gentle waves. I knew it would be an emotional day, we were heading to pick Tinkas’ ashes up later in the day. I really needed this moment where time just stood still. 

Then we drove out to Medford New Jersey to check out a little boutique called The Mystical Blossoms which had handmade soaps, roll on oils, etc… The street was so pretty there! The shop was cute too. Storm clouds were rolling in though and the sky was getting darker and we knew we had to head to the grocery store before heading to the vet so we didn’t stay long…..


The Coffee Bouteaque



Inside the coffee shop






Sunshine & Shades



Meet the hubby ↗



Farmhouse on Tuckerton Bay



Tuckerton Bay



Tuckerton Bay


Mystical Blossoms

Medford New Jersey




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