Today – Part II – And the Sky Cried

After we went shopping, we drove to pick up Tinka Belles’ ashes in a torrential downpour and Tornado watches were in affect for our area (and still are till 9pm).

But the minute we pulled into the vets parking lot, the rain stopped (the first two pictures). As we walked out with Tinkas’ ashes another downpour hit hard. Lightening, thunder, quickly flooding areas (next two pictures).

I always knew Tinka Belle was a thunderstorm. At one time I even wished I had named her storm (yes after the marvel character)….





Through the wind, the rain and thunder and lightening, Not to mention tornado watches. Tinka Belle is finally back home with us 

Stafford Veterinary and Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Services did right by us. We forgot to ask if they did a pawprint memorial. Well we have pawprints and fur. I was overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude for the care they gave us and our Tinka 

Today has been 




2 thoughts on “Today – Part II – And the Sky Cried

  1. We have been dealing with a mystery illness with our cat the past few days. All of a sudden it seems that she can’t stand on her hind legs and her tail is lifeless. Took her to the vet and all blood tests and x-rays are fine so we just need to watch her for a while and see if she regains movement. Wish she could tell us what happened to her. Might be easier for us to deal with it. My husband can’t handle issues with the animals. He gets too emotional. Sorry for your loss.


  2. Aww I am so sorry. That’s scary, not knowing what caused it or why. I hope they figure it out. I’m the emotional one between my hubby and I. I’m a cryer for sure. Hope your kitty feels better soon!!


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