Julie Ann

🎉#SaturdayCelebrations #SaturdayShoutOuts
Julie Ann
“Before Arbonne: I suffered from constant inflammation from two very bad car accidents. I also suffered from hypothyroidism, atherosclerosis, stomach issues, fatty liver and had a cancer scare that required a partial hysterectomy all in the same year. Dealing with this as well as with personal issues caused much depression and severe anxiety and pain. I also suffered from horribly painful carpel tunnel. I was completely amazed at how Arbonne nutrition turned around and corrected every problem on my medical list, which is vast! What I was especially astounded by was the mental clarity, energy and positivity that came with being an Arbonne client! And of course this is why I wanted to help others and become a consultant! Thank you to Katie for introducing me to Arbonne and thank you Arbonne for helping stabilize my health issues and create a wonderful new me! I still can’t believe that after almost 8 years of only gaining weight and trying everything under the sun that Arbonne had all the answers! Thank Jesus for Arbonne!!🙏❤️🥰🌈👍😬

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