Some #SundayCelebrations

"GM family!!! Just wanted to share my arbonne testimony, but mine is a 
tad bit different as I'm trying to gain muscles but lose fat at the same 
time. Pic below is a 90-day transformation, about 90/10 nutrition. 
One caveat is that I do measure my macros. 💜

So if you have any clients who think this is just for people who wants to 
lose weight, please share my pictures. Or the ones who are in the 
bodybuilding world, tell them this is straight up #arbonne produced muscles.
I used to be a hater of vegan protein cuz I was too stupid to know their 
value until I got on this Arbonne lifestyle! It's all about living the 
healthy lifestyle, eating clean and fueling your body with the most 
effective and dense nutrition to achieve your goals. I workout about 
6 times a week, cardio 5X (Peloton rides mostly).

Excuse the grind face "

Charly & her hubby

"Arbonne 30 days has changed our lives for the better and have kick started 
our weightloss journey with a bang!! 15.9 kilos gone between us 💪"



Another awesome testimony, HEALTHY INSIDE AND OUT!
Ask me for samples if you’d like to try (protein/RE9).
This is 6 weeks!
RE9 Advanced Anti Aging + #Arbonne30

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