This disclaimer applies to all information on this site, and to all services, products and any courses offered. No service, course, or product offered by Running To Zen™ or Susan Halloran is intended, in any way – explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference – to be a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care. In addition, the information and techniques on this site do not constitute medical advice.

Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness. While all suggested information, services and training are offered in good faith, Running To Zen™, nor Susan Halloran can accept responsibility for any illness arising out of the failure by the visitor, client or student to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or medical practitioner, for them, their animal companions, or their family.

Reiki sessions, and Crystal Healing are given with the understanding that Reiki and Crystal Healing is only a part of a holistic treatment plan. Reiki, nor Crystal Healing is meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work along with it. The information contained on this site, and all of the services, products and courses offered, Reiki or otherwise, are metaphysical in nature and do not claim to cure anything.

In addition, all Intuitive Guidance included as part of any other services or as stand alone guidance, i.e. all intuitive readings; pendulum, tarot and oracle as well as any insight given during a session are also offered in good faith and are to be used at the client’s sole discretion and risk and are not meant to be construed as “predicting the future” or “fortune telling,” or to take the place of psychotherapy or psychiatric care.

We cannot promise any specific benefits that you will experience from using our services or products. The generally expected performance of The Reiki Guides, services and products in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

You hold the power to cure and heal yourself of anything and the belief at Running To Zen™, as it is with many others, is that the only healing that exists is self-healing. The services, products and courses offered here are meant to be used as tools, guides and support by you in your process of self-healing. 

Furthermore, in regards to ALL of the future healing practitioner training courses offered by Running To Zen™;

  • Please do not interpret any statement on this website as a claim or a representation of average or expected earnings. We cannot, do not, and will not make any claims as to earnings, average, expected, or otherwise.
  • We cannot guarantee your results, income or outcomes.
  • It is also important to understand that past performance is not an indication of possible future results.
  • Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s. No guarantee is made that you will achieve any result at all from the ideas in our materials.
  • Each person’s success is based on many factors, including their background; their aptitude for the field; their dedication, desire, and motivation; and the time they can and will devote to achieving their success.
  • There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using any of the ideas, methods, techniques or advice presented in our in materials. Any examples provided are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings or results.

Independent Beachbody Coach – Ethics & Disclaimer

As a Beachbody Coach I have the unique opportunity of representing Beachbody, our vision and our products and services in the community at large. For this reason, I will uphold the standards of our Company and that I will serve as an ambassador of Our mission and Our brands. Accordingly, in addition to all terms of the Agreement, I agree to the following Beachbody Coach Code of Ethics:

  • As an Independent Beachbody Coach, I will conduct myself ethically and with integrity, including treating others the way
  • I would expect to be treated as I operate my organization. I will uphold this Code of Ethics and promote its awareness among my fellow Beachbody Coaches.
  • I will uphold the Beachbody Core Values and Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures and not engage in any deceptive, unlawful, or unethical recruiting practice or otherwise engage or promote any other conduct which may be detrimental to or reflect poorly on myself, my fellow Beachbody Coaches or Beachbody. Key prohibited examples would include bonus buying; improper income, any other form of compensation plan manipulation, performance or medical claims; soliciting Coaches or otherwise promoting other MLM business opportunities to any Beachbody Coaches or customers or selling Beachbody products in prohibited marketplaces.
  • I will learn and understand the Team Beachbody Compensation Plan and Beachbody’s catalog of products and represent them accurately to my customers and prospective Coaches without misleading or false expectations. Any claims, representations or statements I make regarding Beachbody products or the Coaching opportunity will include important notices and disclaimers as provided by Beachbody.
  • I will accept and fulfill my responsibilities to train, motivate and encourage my personally sponsored Coaches. I will treat my Beachbody Coach business like any other business and will fulfill each commitment I make to my customers, fellow Coaches or other associates.
  • I will promote the Beachbody business opportunity to prospective Coaches with honesty and integrity. I will not misrepresent actual or potential sales or earnings. I will use business tools provided to me such as the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings and will remind each potential new Coach that each individual’s success is based upon their individual efforts.
  • I will offer my customers the highest level of service, offering assistance with any necessary product exchanges and/or refunds.
  • I will maintain a basic loyalty and professionalism to the network marketing industry as a whole and will not involve myself in any unwarranted criticism of Beachbody or any other network marketing companies, including those in direct competition with Beachbody.
  • I will abide by all laws which govern my business. I understand that as the owner of my Independent Beachbody Coach business, it is my responsibility to comply with these laws and with the Agreement.
  • I will respect, protect, and treat the personal information of fellow Beachbody Coaches, Customers and any others I receive from Beachbody or otherwise through operating my Beachbody business in confidence and respect their privacy rights at all times.
  • “Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.”
  • Nutrition and Shakeology – “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”
  • Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located at http://tbbcoa.ch/TBB_SOICE for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.
  • Beachbody offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee (less shipping and handling charges) to all Customers, retail customers, and Coaches on all of our products. Please review the specific guarantee with each applicable product (refund periods are from 30 days to 90 days, depending on the product).
  • A retail customer has three (3) business days (Saturday is a business day) after the sale or execution of a contract to cancel the order and receive a full refund consistent with the cancellation notice on the order form (five (5) business days for Alaska residents and fifteen (15) business days for residents of North Dakota who are 65 or older).

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