new moon in leo

New Moon in Leo 🌑🦁

New Moon in Leo August 18th-19th calls for the need for us to stay grounded amidst the fire. And to move forward with plans that you have carefully contemplated.

Fiery Mars sits in Aries for a time, making a upbeat, and positive trine to the Mars Leo New Moon. This combination of the sun and Mercury in close proximity to one another (they perfect their conjunction on Monday) inspires optimism and offers a boost of much-needed hope.  This amplifies any passion, and drive to achieve what we desire. Creativity abounds during this cycle. Be aware that confidence can be obnoxious and even rude, and while going after what we want is great, it doesn’t take long before the universe humbles us. Remember your honor. Let your empowerment come from a place of love. We’re perched on the edge of new transformations and big positive changes. This is a new cycle of growth we are entering and very refreshing new sense of hope. It’s time to step into our purpose and own our strengths, and set strong new goals for the growth we most want to accomplish now.

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