new moon

New Moon = New Beginnings And Intention Setting

This is the beginning of the lunar cycle, and a good time for time for new beginnings and putting new ideas into motion, the things you wish to create in your life. This is a time of fresh starts. A time for personal growth, spiritual growth, healing and initiating new projects and ventures. New moons are also a great time to set intentions for the lunar cycle you’re in. What do you want to manifest in these 29 days? Remember, beginnings require: letting go of the past.

New Moon Crystal Of Choice

Labradorite stimulates the throat chakra and aid in psychic reception. It helps to purify you and allow light energy to connect with you. It clears and opens chakras to help you receive messages and signs.

New Moon Intentions

Focus on that one important thing you want to bring into existence during this cycle. Then, practice visualizations and affirmations . Write your new moon intention out clearly and succinctly, and read it daily.

  • Time to set new goals
  • Planting of the seeds for the future
  • Starting point to kick a bad habit.
  • Make long term relationship plans.
  • Make long term business plans.
  • Hair cuts.
  • Initiate medical treatments.
  • Work on developing your own sense of intuition
  • Constructive magic.
  • Release negativity.
  • Make a list of the steps you will take to achieve your goal, then read them out loud, and find a place to display them over the coming month.
  • Place some deep purple amethyst around your home, or next to your pillow, to activate and enliven your intuitive awareness.
  • This is a time for blank slate meditation.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Think it into existence.
  • Speak it into existence.
  • Feel it into existence.

New Moon Mantra

*I am restored by sacred cosmic vibration. I am divinely protected. I relinquish the weight of that which no longer serves me. My spirit is awake. My path is revealed. I am open to receive.

Daily Meditation For Setting Intent

New Moon Magic

Time for magical intention: From dawn to sunset
A powerful time remove things, people or situations that no longer serve you. Powerful times for understanding fears and anger. Also good for bringing about justice. 

In your bathroom you have a place where new moon magic can happen. Some candles, bath salts or sea salt, or sea salt soap or an exfoliating shower gel and either slip into a warm bath or shower. As you begin to wash your body, imagine any physical, spiritual or emotional pain or hurt being cleansed from your body. Imagine negativity, and any pain you have being washed away as you watch the water going down the drain either as you shower or after you unplug the bath.

Very Simple Way To Celebrate The New Moon

De-clutter & cleanse your space. This can either be as simple as de-cluttering and cleaning your meditation, ritual o prayer space. Or, this can be part of a new routine of taking a say or two to deep clean your whole home. As you clean and de-clutter remind yourself you are preparing for new energy to come into your life.
Cleanse yourself. See above bath ritual. Water is one of the most cleansing of all energies. You can take this opportunity to add crystals around your tub that are in tune with the intentions you want to breathe into being for the month.
Clear your space. You can do this with smoke, such as palo santo or sage, or you can use sound, such as bells, vocal singing, clapping, mantra or singing bowls.
Journal to gain clarity of and set your intention. Think about your chosen intention/s. How would it make you feel? What would it look like? Write it down.
Meditate and visualize. Lay or sit somewhere comfortable and quiet to meditate on your intention/s. Pick one optimal scene to replay in your mind that represents your intention in its manifested form. Over the month, come back to this meditation, and believe. Breathe it into existence. It may not come this month, or ever, or you may need to re-do again at the next new moon; because so many other variables are at play but when you release your intention into the universe and to your guides, guardians, and higher power, your truest desires are made known. And with a small ritual, your intentions are release with purity and light and whatever is in their power to help grant will be brought into existence.

Current Moon Phase

*Written By: Athena Perakis

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