first quarter

First Quarter = Take Action

This marks the half way point between New and Full Moon and we are in the midst of waxing and growing. With the arrival of the first quarter moon phase, it’s time for slow precise action and hard work. Be prepared to make decisions on the spot because plans can begin to come up quite suddenly and may be a bit of overload and a distraction from tasks at hand. So weigh participation in activities keeping your goal(s) in mind to not keep you offtrack.

First Quarter Moon Intentions

  • Question, are your goals realistic? If not, continue to find tune them and your expectations.
  • Have courage.
  • Stay motivated.
  • Balance yourself carefully.
  • Are you keeping to your intentions you began on the New Moon, check in with yourself. Make sure your actions are in alignment with your intentions.
  • You may be challenged at this time and realize you may need to make sacrifices to manifest your intentions.
  • Pay attention.
  • Break through barriers.
  • Re-lay the foundations for the intentions you desire.

First Quarter Crystal Of Choice

Carnelian stabilizes and promotes motivation. It helps with courage and dispels apathy. Stimulates creativity and creative thought.

First Quarter Moon Mantra

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity. And I do not let expectations hinder my path. My soul and my actions are in sacred alignment. I manifest the life I desire through integrity with my divine soul and wisdom.

Morning Meditation For Motivation

First Quarter Moon Magic

Time for magical intention: From noon until midnight
The best time to draw things inward to yourself, such as money, success, new jobs. Attracting that which you most desire into manifestation. Also a good time for house hunting or finding lost objects. Time of acceleration and growth.

Since the First Quarter Moon is time to take action, you need to take action! If you haven’t already, sit down and break apart your intention into action steps you can take to lead up to it. Write those steps down in your planner leading up to the day of the Full Moon.

  1. Make your intention your first thought.
    Make it one of the first things you focus, work on or do each morning. Your morning ritual should be based on supporting this new habit.
  2. Write things down.
    Keep a journal, vision board or some sort of log that you can look back on to see what steps YOU took in achieving your intended goal.
  3. Begin with just three actions.
    Add two more things to the list of things you must do every single day that will help support your vision. (ie: Intention= I want to lose weight. 1. You tossed out all the junk food. Add ons…2. You add in a daily morning exercise. 3. You start your day with a nutrition dense, healthy, lower calorie breakfast.)
  4. Start simple.
    Don’t go too outside your normal. If we take extreme action too quickly we will often not be able to stick with the task at hand. You are trying to manifest and integrate an intention into your life, not change your whole life over night.

Here are some examples of how your journal/log could look.

  • If your intention is around friendships or relationships, perhaps add more social events into your calendar. Sign up for classes, volunteer, get a second job, just get out there and start meeting people!
  • For money and any kind of abundance intentions, take a look at your budget (or make one!) and set clear spending boundaries for yourself. Envision how you can bring abundance into your life, research, and take action!
  • If you’re looking to enhance your health or fitness, sign up for fitness classes, start planning out a healthier grocery shopping list, walk places you can instead of driving, etc…

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