dark moon

Dark Moon = Void Of Course

The void-of-course period of the Moon is the period of time from the moment the Moon makes the last contact with any planet in the current Sign of the Zodiac, and until it enters the next sign.

The Void of Course Moon as a ‘brief astronomical period of time after the moon has made its last aspect (in one sign) before it enters the next sign.’ The Dark Moon occurs 3 days prior to the New Moon and it’s the shortest ‘phase’ of the moon. This is the time when you can’t see the moon in any phase. Typically no magic is performed during this time. This is the time to give yourself a break, to turn inward to self and pamper or replenish your energies. Vision quests and deep meditations are called for at this time to focus on personal matters, questions and answers. The Void of Course moon is not recognized through astronomical means, it’s purely a nature based observance or astrological phase. The Void-of-Course Moon is one where the moon will not make any major connections with any of the planets. The best way to spend this time is too “just be”. Nothing is going to come of whatever situation you are seeking advice about. Something better will come your way, trust that you will get what you need when it is the right time. Simply stated – surrender to the Divine.

Void-Of-Course Crystal Of Choice

“Vanadinite – Allows for a deep state of meditation, allowing the mind to be entirely void of course. It can promote order to ones life helping to define ones goals and to pursue these goals in an orderly manner.”

Dark Moon Mantra

Life changes, so I make adjustments

Vision Quest – A Meditation

You can preform this meditation with, or without music or sound. I recommend meditation music, nature sounds, singing bowls, or perhaps some flute music that you find comforting.

Imagine yourself alone and relaxed in an open field surrounded by grass, wildflowers and trees. Feel the sun’s warmth and light bathing your body creating a feeling of peace and deep stillness. As you become aware of your senses and the fragrances of nature that surround you … the grass and the flowers, the tree branches swaying in the wind as they lift high into the sky. Listen to the sounds of nature in the distance; perhaps a waterfall or water rippling over stones, the sound of song birds and rustling of woodland animals.

A spirit or guide comes into the field ready to take you on a journey in which your spiritual mission or purpose, your path will be shown. This spirit may be human, or other, in form. Go with the spirit on foot, by flight, or by whatever way the spirit guides you to move with them.

Take your time and linger there where you are taken. Take in all your spirit shows you; the sights, sounds, maybe a symbol or word. Perhaps you will meet an animal along the way as your totem.

When you feel you have received all the messages and information you will at this time, thank your spirit or guide knowing if you ever need to, you can return. Return to the field on foot, by flight, or by whatever way you choose. Settle back down on the grassy field and just be with your message for a few moments to allow the message to become one with you.

When ready, open your eyes and write down what you have experienced. You may want to research to understand more about what you were shown and who you are, why you are here, and what you have to do on this path, at this time, in this lifetime.

Dark Moon – Intentions

  • Prayer and meditation. 
  • Extra rest
  • End a relationship or get divorced. 
  • End business dealings or close a business
  • Deep reflection
  • Yoga. Spiritual disciplines like yoga or meditation take on a new dimension.
  • Women’s Circles
  • Creating vision boards
  • Release illness and discontent
  • Routine goes well, but take care when starting new projects.

What Not To Do During The Dark Void-Of-Course Moon

  • Important life-changing projects or events
  • Try to avoid trying to make deep connections with people.
  • Start a new job.
  • Shop

When Is The Next Dark/Void Moon?

Just Google “Void of Course Moon Tables” for the month or year you need. There will always be several websites with tables available. And, like most everything else these days there’s an app for it. Several in fact. Search for “Void of Course Moon app”. 


“I am the star that rises from the sea, the twilight sea.
I bring men dreams that rule their destiny.
I bring the moon-tides to the souls of men,
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again;
That flow and ebb and flow alternately;
These are my secret, these belong to me.

I am the Eternal Woman, I am She –
The tides of all men’s souls belong to me.
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again;
The secret, silent tides that govern men;
These are my secret, these belong to me.”
~Dion Fortune

Current Moon Phase

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