waxing crescent

Waxing Crescent = Commitment/Fine Tuning Intentions

Within the first 4 days after the New Moon. The waxing crescent moon is now visually getting bigger and brighter, shifting from a new moon to a full moon. During the waxing moon, the moon is growing, becoming brighter, and creating an ideal phase for intention setting around growth. As the moon gets brighter, let’s use that energy to make ourselves, and our lives better. Now is the time to formulate plans and set your intentions at the new moon into motion. Start plotting out the steps to bring your New Moon intention to fruition.

Waxing Crescent Moon Intentions

  • Nurturing yourself.
  • Nurture ideas.
  • Fine tune your New Moon intentions.
  • Meditate your vision with clarity.
  • I feel my intention and I let the energy of my dreams wash over me.

Waxing Crescent Crystal Of Choice

Tourmalinated Quartz – Tourmalinated quartz can protect the wearer from negative thoughts, emotions and self sabotage . It can help provide a balancing of yin/yang energies and release negative patterns, habits and outdated thoughts.

Waxing Crescent Meditation Poem

*I feel connected to the air and all it touches,
each thin blade of grass
whispering as the wind bends it.
I remember life before the smartphone
and how my eyes relished
that which was visually quiet.
My eyes begin to open,
my mind begins to learn,
my heart becomes warmer with each passing day.
Born under the waxing crescent,
this phase calls my name —
it doesn’t urge me to take action,
it only reminds me to be me,
acknowledging the extraordinary power in that.

Commitment Meditation

Waxing Crescent Moon Magic

Time for magical intention: From mid-morning to after sunset
Constructive magic, increasing things. New beginnings, new relationships, best time for setting intentions, to focus intention for positive outcomes. Sowing seeds for new ventures. Projects coming to life. New ideas emerging and taking form.

The words we speak and write all put intention into the universe and up to our guides and higher power. This is a good time to simply make that vision board of your New Moons intention and make it defined and clear. Or write down your intentions and keep it where you can be reminded and focused on your goal. These small acts are magic all unto themselves. But to go further step into simple candle magic….

Candle magic: Carve your name onto a small votive candle using a toothpick or other safe pointy object, along with symbols that represent your desires (heart for love, dollar sign for money, apple for health, etc…). Light your candle, with intention, put your heart into it! Then read your letter of intention out loud or look at your vision board and meditate, visualizing getting exactly what you want. Stay with this a few minutes, for as long as you want and leave the candle burning (safely, do not leave the candle burning unattended for long). When the candle has finished burning, know your desires have been transmitted to the universe and your higher power. Feel free to add onto this with a prayer, or chant. Whatever calls to you.

Current Moon Phase

*Rachel B. Baxter


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