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Tarot for me isn’t really about predicting the future. But it is about 
helping you to see a path more clearly by diving in deeper to a situation 
to help you see some light in how to navigate what’s happening, or what’s 
coming. The tarot to me is your story unfolding in a small moment in time, 
paused so you can catch a breath while you gain insight. We live in a 
wondrous, mysterious universe. One where synchronicity abounds, the Tarot 
is a wonderful tool to focus on this the threads of life, to understand the 
signs and messages that we need to hear right now.
I blend my knowledge of the Tarot, my second sight into the artistry of the 
cards with the messages I receive from the universe, your higher power and 
my guides to help you to begin to see through the fog of confusion, or the 
paralysis of fear, and gain clarity on the issues that deeply matter to you.
The kinds of questions a Tarot reading can answer:
How to find your way, your path
Find out what is blocking your way forward and 
what you can do to overcome it
How to overcome money blocks
Career/school guidance
Finding inner peace
Decision making

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Contact me to schedule: 
Or message me on Facebook -

Angelic Realm Tarot Reading
Angel Tarot
3 Card Reading
$10.00 (30 minute reading)
Message from the Angels revealed as past, 
present and future.


Four Directions Tarot Reading
The Wild Unknown Tarot
4 Card Reading
$15.00 (30 minutes and up reading)
Earth - Air - Fire - Water
What messages come from the four 
cardinal directions for you?

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Chakra Tarot Reading
Chakra Reading Cards
7 to 9 Card Reading
$25.00 (1 hour and up reading)
A 7 card reading analyzing the energy of your 
chakras, giving you insight into your total 
energetic health and alignment. 


The Way Forward Tarot Reading
The Wild Unknown Tarot
Spread choices: Celtic Cross, Clarity 
Spread, or Connection Spread.
$25.00 (1 hour and up reading)
Covers varying aspects of life or 
specific situations. Multiple extra 
cards may be pulled for clarifications.

Persephone Tarot Reading
The Wild Unknown Tarot
$25.00 (1 hour and up reading)
Persephone is the Greek goddess of the 
Underworld and the goddess of Spring. 
At the Vernal Equinox, the end of 
winter begins and springtime which 
marks the return of Persephone from 
the Underworld.

This Persephone Tarot Spread can be 
at the Autumn Equinox 
during the season of Autumn
at Spring Equinox
during the season of Spring
to take your power back in difficult situations
to become more adaptable
to make the most of what is happening in your life
when you need words of encouragement through challenging times.

Your Year Ahead
The Wild Unknown Tarot
(1 hour 30 minutes and up 
Only Available in December
Schedule a reading in December to 
receive a month by month glimpse 
into your year ahead!

Life Aspects Tarot Reading
The Wild Unknown Tarot
$30.00 (1 hour 30 minutes and up 
your personality/state of mind/what 
may be hindering you
self Improvement/spiritual 
development/health issues
romance/partnerships/social life
work/career/life purpose
what will help you/miscellaneous/

Heal Your Inner Child Tarot Reading
Inner Child Cards: 
A Fairy-Tale Tarot
(1 hour 30 minutes and up reading) 
The archetypes of childhood fairy tales 
can awaken emotional memory and heal the 
child within. Excellent for dream 
working, the recovery process, and use
with children.
b05ebc68-ba5a-4e17-a46e-d362524a0799.__CR0,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___Limited Time - Autumn Equinox Tarot Reading
Offer Expires Sep 23, 2020
The Raven's Prophecy Tarot
$20.00 (30 minute reading)
What are you ready to release, what needs to be let go? What are you 
harvesting and what seeds will you need to plant for the coming spring?


How to get the most out of your reading:
You can give me a detailed background of the situation or problem that you 
want a reading on. This way can at times get us past vague readings and 
take some guesswork out. Or you can give me no background info. Either way 
we reach the same point but going in with no info can take more time, card 
draws and digging to get to the root. Either way is fine with me. I usually 
work off zero info though and this seems to not only give others knowledge 
that they are getting an honest reading but shows myself how I am tuning 
and growing into my skills. 97% of the readings I’ve done have been cold 
readings with no info.
Be honest with me and yourself. Don’t hide or omit relevant details if I am 
asking you a specific question. You may be trying to test me, but you are 
also making the reading longer and more drawn out than it needs to be. Once 
again, either way we arrive at the same point.
Do not ask a yes/no question, with the more in depth readings it is a 
requirement to focus your mind on a situation and allow the reading to flow 
from there. As in anything in life yes’s and no’s are always a grey area. 
If a reading is a no, you would want to find out why or maybe how you can 
change that. If you ask simply yes/no, that is all you get!
Do not ask when and why questions. What and how questions are much better.
Do not ask a very broad question. e.g.: How can I get unstuck in every area 
of my life?
Ask a focused question with good level of detail.
The above descriptions are for both verbal info you give and also 
meditative questions you ask in silence. I always as my clients, especially 
those who give me no info, to sit for a moment as I shuffle and think about 
their situation or question.
My readings help to find answers to your questions. I do not believe that 
the Tarot predicts a "set in stone" future, and I will not tell you what is 
going to happen to you or when something will happen. However, I will see 
the path you are on and tell you where it may be leading.
Drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to 
answer them for you!

My Code Of Ethics:
I do not do third-party readings.
I do not delve into the mind of others.
I do not/will not manipulate the intentions or actions of you or others.
I do not predict the future, I can at times see what is on the path in 
front of you but “predict the future” is not a precise definition, 
it’s not as clear cut as that. Tarot offers you a window into your own soul,
 your path and helps you uncover the answers that are within yourself that 
are at times hidden, are beyond your own foresight abilities or you refuse 
to see clearly. My intention is always to help you to uncover what is 
hidden and to gently guide you to your own conclusions.
Readings are offered on the understanding that you are an adult with your 
own free will. Readings are not meant to take the place of legal, financial,
 medical or other professional counsel. I will not give any medical, legal 
or financial advice.
All readings are strictly confidential.
“Tarot weaves truth, stories, All you need to do is slow down and listen."
~Sasha Graham

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