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Distance Reiki

Many people are very skeptical of a distant Reiki session and I completely understand why. I too was also very skeptical until I experienced it several times for myself and I was totally blown away. That led me to investigate a little deeper. How can someone in another room, another city or even another country experience healing from a Reiki practitioner who is in a totally different place?

But then again how can they not?

Reiki utilizes natural healing energy that works on every level, not just the physical level and this is where we have trouble understanding how a Reiki distance session works. Within the framework of this, our physical world, typically everything has to be done in person. If you need a haircut, a massage, dental work, manicure or blood test, it cannot be done by distance. It has to be done in person. There has to be that physical connection made with your body, ahhhh,  and that is where Reiki is different.

Reiki is non-invasive and is used holistically to restore balance in mind, body and spirit while promoting the body’s own regenerative self-healing ability. Its healing energy connects us on an energetic and spiritual soul level where the healing work is conducted. To understand this, we must first realize that we are more than our physical bodies.  Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, perspectives and moral beliefs all exist within us but they are not part of our physical bodies. They are actual energies that affect our physical bodies but they are not physical elements.

Our soul or our spirit also forms part of who we are and that too is not a physical element. Reiki energy connects with us through spiritual and energetic levels using the intention of the practitioner to send healing energy and the intention of the client to receive healing. Distant Reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by distance. Distance is only a physical limitation!

We accept and live with  other energy frequencies that we cannot see, such as electricity, radios, cell phones and wi-fi, right? Once upon a time these frequencies were thought to be too unbelievable to be true, like fantasy. But now they are accepted as normal in our day to day life. In order for them to work, they have to be tuned in, or turned on and Distance Reiki works the same way, after all remember, our bodies emit energy frequencies. Reiki practitioners are tuned in to their personal frequency.  The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit and tunes that healing energy to the person it is being sent to and then it flows through the energy currents that exist naturally. Just as distance is not an obstacle for your cell phones, internet and tv, it is not an obstacle for Reiki and the Reiki practitioner.

Benefits Of A Distance Reiki Session

When my clients begin having Reiki by distance, they often prefer it because it’s effective, convenient, and in the comfort of their own home!

Some of the benefits of receiving Reiki by distance:

  • You don’t have to “get ready” to go out.
  • You don’t have to leave your house.
  • You don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

The only way for you to truly know if Reiki Distance really works is to try it for yourself. However, when you do, don’t be surprised if it becomes your preferred method of healing. 

Distant Reiki healing sessions are generally 30 minutes and can be easily booked. During the session, it is best if you are lying down in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Please note that no additional connection is required for Reiki to be sent or received. It is simply transmitted using the practitioner’s intention to send it and the client’s intention to receive it. 


In-Person Reiki

During a Reiki in-person session, the therapist can, but does not need to physically touch the body. The healing session can be performed with the hands just above the body and it is just as effective as a hands-on treatment or a Reiki distance session.

Receiving Reiki in person can be a wonderful experience and there are significant case studies and scientific studies to attest to their benefits. However, in some cases physically attending a session can come with obstacles, such as when the following are considered:

  • The stress of travelling to attend appointment
  • Covid-19 or other global health crisis
  • Not as comfortable as being at home in a familiar environment
  • Physical obstacles of getting to a appointment

Distance Reiki sessions provide a wonderful, simple and effective alternative solution. A distant session is often experienced as an easier treatment method as all physical barriers are removed. The practitioner and the client are both perceived as being energetic beings only.

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