tip for reiki practitioners: kenyoku

Kenyoku means “dry bathing” and is a Japanese Reiki technique for clearing one’s energy. It is great for after a session, but Kenyoku is also a QUICK technique that can be used on-the-fly. Been into a grocery store and need to clear? Kenyoku! Need to clear after social media or news? Kenyoku! This technique can be subtle, and is always efficient, and effective!

1. Place your Right hand on your left shoulder
2. Stroke down your chest across your stomach and end at your right hip.
3. Do the same on the other side (left hand right shoulder).
4. Repeat step 1 and 2.
5. Extend your left arm.
6. Place your right hand on your left shoulder.
7. Stroke down your arm all the way to the hand and fingertips. Then fling your your right hand out into the air as though you were throwing away any negative energy.
8. Do the same with the right arm.
9. Repeat on the left arm.

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