charm jars


The size and shape should correspond to your intent, ideally. Smaller charms or if using a small candle, make sure the candle can balance well on the jar lid (cork or otherwise). Larger charms like home protection, you’d want something a little bigger, to hold all the ingredients, and probably something in an amber or other more opaque tone, so you can’t see inside. Really though it depends more on fitting your contents into the jar. So just make sure the jar is big enough for the contents and that the candle sits well on the lid. You will also need a candle to “seal” the jar. Choose colors that flow with intention.


Next, you’ll need all the components for the charm. If creating your own charm, assemble harmonious ingredients that correspondent to your intent. And remember to keep the contents in proportion to your jar. Quantity isn’t as important as quality. Fill the jar with the ingredients! If you intend to shake the contents to reactivate them every so often, for instance, you’d want to leave a bit of room at the top. You might want to add some extra symbolic sealing to your jar for more heavy-duty spells, tying a ribbon around the jar of corresponding color will give some extra added strength to the charm.

You can use a variety of objects and ingredients in Charm Jars – here a just a few!

  • crystals
  • dried herbs
  • ground or whole dried spices
  • dried fruit and vegetables
  • essential oils
  • water and magic waters
  • shells
  • coins
  • buttons
  • beads
  • hand written intentions or doodled images
  • personal items

Anything that’s safe to rest in a sealed container for a long time can go into a Charm Jar.


You’ll need to pick a good time to perform your charm (moon phase, time of day/night, weekday meanings, etc…), and activate it.

For timing, you’ll want to pick something that,again, matches with your intent: You can use the waxing and waning tides of the moon to draw or remove something from your life, use sunsets and sunrises for manifestation and banishment, cast at high noon for an elemental fire influence. Do your research and and listen to your inner voice.


  • define your intent
  • select a container
  • choose the contents
  • fill the jar
  • seal the contents (optional depending on the charm)
  • state your intent aloud
  • meditate on your intention
  • ask for help with prayer to your higher power, angels, etc…
  • ask for help from the spirits of your ancestors
  • if you are an energy worker, fill your energy into the intent


:An effective way to complete and cast your charm, with the added bonus of sealing in the contents of your jar for permanent magic. Choose the color of your candle according to your intent, inscribe it with a rune or other meaningful symbol, anoint it with essential oil, or/and customize it in any way you see fit to correspond it with your intent and with the contents of the jar. Burn the whole candle at once to cast a spell in one go, or light the candle a little bit every night during the waxing or waning moon to draw or rid, respectively.


For spells involving the earth, staking a claim on your own property, magic you don’t want to reverse bury your jar in the dirt, whether it’s in your yard or in a container.


Leave the jar’s lid or cork unsealed by wax, but firmly pressed on, perhaps with a string or ribbon to seal the magic in instead. If you ever have need to reverse the spell, you can open up the jar, safely un-enchant and dispose of its contents, and clean out the jar with salt and water for later.


 Leave a generous portion of room in your jar or bottle before sealing, and give it a vigorous shake when you want to re-energize the charm.


Happiness Jar

  • small piece of paper (post it note will do), peace & happiness on it with maybe a smiley face or flower drawn on it, folded.
  • ribbon to tie the scroll
  • juniper berries
  • small pieces of citrine
  • dried chamomile
  • dried lavender
  • yellow candle

Recite the mantra; “Little things are mean a lot, Little things bring joy, I will appreciate them and feel happy for them being here Repeat as you fill your Charm Jar!

Anti-Anxiety Jar

  • lidded jar
  • himalayan salt
  • coffee grounds
  • basil
  • chamomile
  • sea salt
  • lavender
  • sage
  • green aventurine chips
  • rose petals
  • white candle

May the himalayan salt dispel all negativity & inspire personal inspiration and joy. May the coffee grounds & basil bring me peace of mind. May the chamomile bring me balance and sea salt keep me protected. May the lavender calm me & shield my mind from fear and anxiety. May the sage stems give me mental clarity and power. May the green aventurine ease my mind of the anxiety that holds me back, May the rose petals remind me to love myself.

Good Health Jar

  • lidded jar
  • dragons blood chips
  • carnelian chips
  • ginger (spice)
  • corriander
  • orange candle

Write down your intention. Be specific. Narrow your intention to a couple of sentences. For example– “My immune system is strong, healthy, warding off all harmful viruses and bacteria, protecting me from becoming ill.

Blessed Home Jar

  • a lidded jar
  • dried chamomile
  • frankinsence
  • myrrh
  • galangal root
  • dried rosemary
  • rose petals
  • sandalwood
  • peppermint
  • white willow
  • vervain
  • yarrow
  • lavender
  • black salt
  • blue candle

Place jar in room most used by family in your home. Feng Shui may also suggest you place the jar in the center of your home (its heart). Each day in the morning recite;

Heavenly beings from above, angels and guide from above
Fill this house with joy and love
Keep the finances on solid ground
Let the worries be un-found
Bless all who enter be blessed with good health
And be gifted with emotional wealth
Peace and happiness I ask of thee
This I make true, aho, amen and blessed be!

New Year Jar

  • lidded jar
  • write your resolution on a whole bay leaf
  • sand and/or salt
  • white candle
  • twine cut long enough to seal the jar
  • and choose for your mantra/intention; ◾️ rosemary – protection ◾️ sage – cleansing ◾️ basil – wealth ◾️ egg shell – strength ◾️ cloves – luck ◾️ mint – safety ◾️ allspice – energy ◾️ lavender – peace ◾️ white willow bark – overall blessings ◾️ thyme – courage ◾️ rose – happiness ◾️ coin – wealth & luck ◾️ holly – protection ◾️ vervain – health

Light the candle (not on the jar, just in a candle holder or plate). your resolution is your mantra. After stating and claiming the mantra out loud, burn the bay leaf in the candle flame. Blow the candle out and seal the the two ends of the twine with wax from the candle. put the candle in the jar with the sand or salt and close it, sealing the jar with several wraps of the twine and tying it off. Happy New Year!

Depression Jar

  • lidded jar
  • pink himalayan salt
  • red candle
  • obsidian crystal
  • basil
  • lavender
  • orange essential oil

As you add the items to your jar, recite the mantra; “Just For Today: I release angry thoughts and feelings, Just For Today: I release thoughts of worry, Just For Today: I’m grateful for my many blessings, Just For Today: I’m gentle with all beings including myself“. Repeat as many times as it comforts your soul. Seal the jar with wax drippings from your red candle.

Tranquil Home Jar

  • dried chamomile
  • dried rosemary
  • dried rose petals
  • rice
  • lavender
  • pink himalayan salt
  • pink candle

As you add the items to your jar, recite the mantra; “May there be happiness in my home, May there be peace in my home, May there be a feeling of wholeness in my home“. Repeat as many times as wish or when you feel the energy become clearer. No need to seal this jar. Plae it on your mantel or a table that will be undisturbed and have a pink candle next to it to light for at least a few minutes each day, longer if the energy calls for it. Replace the candle as needed. Recite the mantra when you feel the need too. And once in a while gently shake the jar to reactivate.

Increase Wealth Jar

  • 1 small piece of pyrite
  • 1 small piece of clear quartz
  • 1 dime
  • 1 inexpensive silver ring or other piece of silver
  • pinch of nutmeg
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of basil
  • 1 green, gold or white candle

On the full Moon add contents to jar, leave the candle out. Place the candle in a candle holder or heat proof plate. Light the candle and repeat three times; “By the green of Earth, Air, Water and Fire may the moons light attract the wealth I desire“.

Extinguish the candle. Leave your Charm Jar open under the moonlight, in the morning lid the jar. No need to seal it. Recharge on the next full Moon, or release, and disassemble as your financial status improves.

Fertility Jar

  • peach moonstone
  • unikite
  • a few drops of patchouli oil
  • dried or fresh carnation
  • angelica root
  • pink himalayan salt
  • white candle

Place all but the candle into your jar. Light the candle, comfortable and begin the mantra of choice. *For each positive affirmation, there is a statement that you will make to yourself on your breath in. This is said in present tense. We are making a choice to be this, right now. Even if it’s not how you feel. For that breath in, it’s your reality. Then there’s a statement that you will make to yourself on the breath out. Positive affirmation suggestions:

  1. I am breathing in life and love
  2. I am a vibrant, healthy woman
  3. I am strong and healthy
  4. I am capable and loving
  5. I am loved and I am loving
  6. I am my breath and that is healing
  7. I am seeing clearly my own heartbeat
  8. I turn my face, my heart and my breath to the light
  9. I am satisfied right now
  10. I am whole and complete

On your exhale, pick one of these or chose a second from above. Some people choose two positive affirmations; some prefer to use a choice from below to create a release. Neither is more correct than the other, nor is one more effective than the other. Maybe, try it both ways and see what suits you better. What soothes you better is the right choice.

  1. I release my frustrations
  2. I let go of disappointment
  3. I free myself of fear
  4. I forgive myself for mistakes that I have made
  5. I heal with every breath out
  6. I let go of emotions that are old and stale
  7. I release expectations
  8. I let go of resentments towards myself and others
  9. I forgive and accept myself as I am
  10. I release all energy that does not serve me

Place the jar in a special place. The jar doesn’t have to be sealed. You may want to give it a gentle shake for a moment every day to re-activate. You can either repeat your mantra every day or as often as you wish. Or say a little prayer to your higher power for health for conception,pregnancy, birth and parenthood. You can dismantle

Emotional Comfort Jar

  • dried or fresh geranium
  • fresh peach (fruit)
  • sea salt
  • parsley
  • lime

Productivity and Motivation Jar

  • sage – to push aside what’s not important and allow productivity to take hold
  • sea salt – to absorb residual negativity
  • black pepper – to banish bad habits and emotions that hinder me
  • peppermint – for energy
  • coffee – for motivation
  • cinnamon – for success and prosperity
  • rosemary – to aid in the completion of tasks
  • cloves – to take hold of my action and clear my mind
  • quartz – to amplify spell and energy
  • twisted twine or cord of pink, blue and white

Mantra; “I am productive and get things done” 

Lyrium’s Anxiety Relief & Restful Sleep Jar

  • valerian: sleep, calming, harmony
  • thyme: sleep, wards off nightmares, mends sorrow
  • lavender: sleep, peace, happiness, healing
  • obsidian: grounding, stress relief, mental clarity, removes negative energy
  • jar
  • candle

“layer herbs and stones in a jar. i always put powders at the bottom and flowers at the top with stones mixed throughout. just do what feels right for you.
place a candle on top of the jar and light it.
focus and speak your intent for each ingredient as the candle burns over the jar.
extinguish the candle and go get the sleep you deserve!!”

Wishing Well” Jar

  • A jar
  • A few pennies
  • A yellow paper star
  • Black wax

Fill the jar with the water. Drop the coins in the jar while making your wish. Seal the jar with the wax and stick the star into the wax while its still liquid. Once your wish comes true break the jar’s seal and empty it out.

Good Luck Jar 

a little jar
gold glitter (represents fortune)
cinnamon (good luck, fast action)
allspice (luck)
four leaf clovers (the more the merrier!)
ginger (power, success)
tumeric (luck)
coffee (stimulant)
optional: symbols for luck and fortune

As you add the ingredients to the jar, focus on what each ingredient is there for. Visualize each ingredient adding a little luck to the bottle and visualize yourself being fortunate. Once it is all in the jar, really focus on directing your energy into the the jar. If you praying , Saint Christopher would be appropriate to call upon. The Bible verse I use is Jeremiah 29:11. Let it charge in the sun for about an hour (or however long you deem necessary). I personally would recharge this before each use, to ensure full energy.

Pet Protection Jar

  • A glass jar with lid (you can use a recycled jar from the kitchen!)
  • A pinch of your pet’s hair, or a feather, a lost tooth/nail, etc. (collect from your pet’s bed or pen)
  • Tiger’s eye stone (a small piece or a chip works well)
  • 3 herbs of your choice for protection; here are a few suggestions: rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, chili powder, salt, sage, star anise
  • a photo or belonging of your pet (can be an old collar, old small toy, etc.)
  • piece of paper and pen

On your piece of paper, write your intention. Something like this: “keep my pet healthy and safe from harm. Universe/gods/ancestors (or your divinity of choice) empower this protective charm.” Fold the paper towards you. Then put it in the jar. Add the other ingredients to the pet protection spell jar while visualizing your pet safe and healthy. Seal it with the lid. Hold it between your hands, visualize your pet safe and healthy again, and say your intentions out loud. Then say, “so be it.” Keep the pet protection spell jar somewhere safe in your house.

Money Jar

  • jar
  • 8 dimes, freshly cleaned and purified
  • patchouli oil
  • orange bergamot oil
  • green aventurine
  • cinnamon
  • citrine
  • pen and pen or marker with green ink
  • oats
  • white and green candle (optional)

Set up your space wherever you are most comfortable. Clean it, sage it, and lock your door — whatever makes you feel safe. Write your intention on a piece of paper with a marker or pen with green ink. Fold and lay at the bottom of the jar. Place the dimes on top of the paper, focusing on your intention (aka thinking about money!). The number eight is considered the money number. Add a layer of this herbal mixture on top of the coins. Then, add a layer of oats. From here, you can either leave the jar open and add loose change to the jar every day or so until the money you desire has come to you, or seal the jar with the lid and burn a white and green candle over the top. After you have obtained the money you need, remove the paper and either burn or bury it.

Work Burn Out Jar

  • mint
  • sunflower seeds
  • vanilla bean or pod
  • paprika
  • walnut
  • small piece of citrine


  1. My job doesn’t own me.
  2. I am not the only one who can solve the problem.
  3.  I deserve to have a balance in life between work and home.

Positivity Jar

  • candle
  • jar
  • piece of citrine
  • piece of rose quartz
  • dried rosemary
  • dried or fresh lavender
  • sea salt
  • glitter
  • blue thread

As you set each item into the jar focus on what they represent to you. Your magic and energy melding with each, coming from inside you and around you. Close off the jar and wrap the thread round the top of the jar. Light the candle, visualizing the flame as the energy casting the spell.  

Confidence Jar

  • jar
  • gold candle, wax or ribbon
  • dried chamomile
  • amethyst chips
  • orange essential oil
  • black salt

Focus on your intent and hold each item to charge it before you add it to your jar. Seal your jar with candle, wax or string around the lid. Carry your jar with you and give it a re-activation shake when you need a boost of confidence.

Full Moon Wish Jar

  • pint size jar (clear)
  • pure water
  • a silver coin (dime or quarter)
  • a bell
  • white or silver candle

To be done at night on a clear full moon. It can be done at a window but outside the energy is much stronger. Fill the jar with the water and light your candle near where you are activating the charm. Sit under the moonlight and take in the view for a few minutes. Then drop the coin into the jar. Let the water settle until smooth again and sit so that the reflection of the moon water seems to sit right upon the coin. You may have to move around and let the water re-settle again.

Gaze at the reflection and the coin together and ring the bell 3 times. Speak your intention out loud or just ask for general good fortune. Sit and meditate a few moments. Then bring everything back indoors and leave the coin in the water jar until the next full moon, or until you feel your intention has come to fruition.

Home Protection Jar

  • jar for each doorway
  • dried rosemary
  • sea salt
  • lavender

Create a mix of lavender, salt and rosemary and pour it into your Charm Jar. Place jars at doorways in your home, you can hang them on the wall, on the doors themselves, or place it on a table near the door, and as you do, say aloud; “Salt of the Earth, plants from the ground, protect my home, keep it safe and sound“.

Gratitude New Years Jar

  1. Re-purpose a glass jar and decorate as you wish.
  2. Add a new note every time something good happens. Do this from January to January
  3. On New Years Eve empty your jar and see how wonderful and amazing life is!

Imbolc Jar

  • jar
  • piece of ruby that will fit into your jar
  • seeds
  • angelica root
  • frankincense
  • acorn(s)
  • chamomile
  • oatmeal

This Charm Jar can be incorporated into your Imbolc activities, meditation, intention or spellwork.

Mercury Retrograde Jar

  • jar
  • mugwort
  • marjoram
  • lavender
  • mint
  • piece of green aventurine
  • piece of agate
  • black salt
  • wax to seal


  1. I release that which is not mine.
  2. I release all obstacles in my path.
  3. I release limiting beliefs.”
  4. I release fears and doubts.
  5. I release those relationships that no longer serve my highest good.
  6. I release pain and suffering as a means to grow.
  7. I release attachment to outcome.
  8. I release all that which is no longer in alignment.”

*Mantras from: Om Times

“The Heat of the Flame” 🔥 Fire Jar Spell

  • a jar with a lid/cork
  • cayenne pepperflakes
  • cinnamn
  • basil
  • bay leaf (crushed)
  • rosemary
  • red glitter
  • garnet (recommended to use chips)
  • calcite (recommended to use chips)
  • orange glitter
  • a symbol for passion
  • a symbol for motivation
  • red candle
  • fire safe dish/bowl
  • mortar and pestle 
  • red ribbon, string or cord
  • red inked pen or marker
  • candle or lighter


  • Cleanse yourself and your space before beginning spell. Drink black tea or coffee to energize yourself before hand if needed. Prepare yourself however you like for a fiery feeling.
  • In your mortar and pestle grind up all of your herbs especially your bay leaf until they are well mixed and fine. While grinding them up focus on your intent to motivate yourself and your passions.
  • add them to your jar.
  • Draw your symbols onto paper, preferably with red ink if you can, and carefully light them on fire using a candle, matches, lighter etc. Place them in the fire safe bowl so they burn down to ash.
  • As they burn chant: “The burning strength of fire motivates my heart, motivates my soul, so I shall achieve my goal.”.
  • Carefully add the ashes to the jar once no more smolders are left. On top of the ash add your crystals before sealing your jar tightly.
  • Place your candle on top and light it and let it burn down until it properly seals the jar (don’t leave it unsupervised please) Snuff or blow out your candle if needed then tie your red ribbon around the jar or the stub of the candle.
  • Keep the jar in your favorite room or on your desk to help motivate you and keep your passions alive.
  • To break spell either break jar (safely) or break its seal.

Note: Recharge in the sun occasionally, cleanse with smoke or incense occasionally before charging. To break spell either break jar (safely) or break its seal.

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