mars retrograde

Mars turned retrograde at 4:22 pm on Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020 stays retrograde through Friday November 13th.

If you consult any astrology book you will see that Mars represents War and Aggression, Power and Conflict, and it is called a “Malific”, derived from the word “Malevolent”. Mars is related to our personal will, our ego, our ability to be assertive, how we use and direct our voice, and how we use our energy in attaining what we desire. During this time, our goals and ambitions are likely to hit snags, be put on pause or go awry. Mars retrograde as a time where there is and should be, stillness in action-taking. We all may have a lot of anxiety and temper tantrums even, due to the fact that Mars is slowing down and it appears to go backwards, as do our plans and ambitions. If you haven’t noticed yet this is a fiery time that is emerging. Tempers will flare higher then normal. Try to work through anger and mood swings in constructive ways instead of fiery destruction. If you been angry, moody or having irrational thoughts and choices; that may be what needs to be released right now. Face it head on and do not avoid it. Some of you may be experiencing the dark night of soul type symptoms. You may need some self care and some self nurturing to get through this one. Some may even need to seek counseling or therapy. Beware of how you treat others, and try to avoid judging yourself too harshly during this transit.

In the Chakra system, Mars rules the solar plexus, so he also governs everything that lives there. It’s time to dig deep, embrace what makes us happy! This is great time to start eating more clean food and make healthier choices to also improve your emotional health as well as physical. Our goal during a Mars retrograde is to better understand our impulses, the primal survival instincts, our anger and rage, our sexuality, our inner courage, and the ways we go about getting what we want from life. We are being asked to look before we leap rather than throwing ourselves into action, just for the time now. Hold your goals in your gaze and your dreams and ambitions close to your chest. Hit pause for a moment until Mars shifts gears in November. Now is not the time to sail against the tide.

Helpful To Do List For Mars Retrograde

  • Exercise (think yoga, walking, tai chi, pilates)
  • Nature walks
  • Cleanup your nutrition
  • Less processed sugar
  • Practice grounding exercises
  • Mediation
  • Sound Baths
  • Re-calibrate your goals
  • Mantras
  • Journaling

Journaling Ideas To Ponder during Mars Retrograde

  • How do you plan to deal with anger during this retrograde?
  • What is being called forward in you to serve the greater collective?
  • Where have you failed to assert your will in healthy ways?
  • Are you living in alignment with your unique energy?
  • Are you being overwhelmed by outside pressures?
  • Are you being aggressive or assertive?
  • What new strategies can you develop to overcome obstacles?
  • Are you motivated by your needs, wants, and desires or someone else’s?
  • Are you embodied in your own power, or are you giving it away?

Until September 12th, here are SIX planets in retrograde. Time to just sit back and hit pause. Give yourself a break!

Mars has long been associated with division and separation, catalyzing action, movement, and conflict through eruptions of fiery heat. Mars enters a phase of extreme heat when retrograde, and this will especially be the case in the next few months as Mars will be retrograde in its fiery home of Aries where it operates with directness and strength. For those who are not smiths with a working forge, we can imagine the transformative capacities when working with a forge, transmuting materials into a new, useful creation. As the flames of Mars intensify, we may also light a torch to be carried into the expanses of inner depths to illuminate not only what we desire to create from our forge, but what materials we need to gather for our operation.

Mars stations retrograde on September 9, 2020 at 28°09′ Aries and will station direct on November 13, 2020 at 15°14′ Aries. Ultimately Mars will move back and forth from fifteen to twenty-eight degrees of Aries three times from July 25, 2020 until January 2, 2021. However, the stretch of time from the stationing retrograde of Mars in September until the stationing direct of Mars in November is distinctly different than the other two periods of time that Mars traverses these degrees.


How Will Mars Retrograde Affect Your Sign?

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