20 practices…


  1. Yoga – helps you connect with your mind and body
  2. Meditation – helps you find stillness and patience
  3. Clean – while we are emphasizing keeping our hands clean, why not take a minute and de-clutter and clean? We’ve spent a lot of time indoors since Covid -19 and the Pandemic hit, deep clean your home and maybe refresh with painting a room or rooms, re-arrange furniture or add some touches of the season around the rooms to lift spirits and celebrate your home! Open windows and bring some freshness back into your home.
  4. Caring for Plants and/or indoor Gardens – bringing nature inside with lift your mood. And caring for plants can actually make you healthier.
  5. Crystals – Having crystals placed around your home can raise the vibe of the rooms. As always be cautions of crystals around pets, place them where they can’t eat them! Front door: black tourmaline, jade. Bedroom: rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline. Living room: selenite, amethyst, amber. Kitchen: Carnelian, celestite, citrine, rose quartz. Bathroom: clear quartz. Study: Amethyst, shungite, citrine, black tourmaline. Child’s room:celestite, obsidian.
  6. Positive Affirmations – What you say, you hear and absorb. affirmations work because those words have the ability to program your mind into believing the words we say to ourselves. Using affirmations as a spiritual ritual of manifestation is a great way to positively change your self-talk.
  7. Communing with Nature – Natures, sounds, smells and textures; ground us and energize us all at the same time. In some cultures like Japan, they call this “forest bathing“. Some people use earthing; standing on the earth barefoot as way to let nature to recharge us. I’m an ocean lover so that’s my favorite commune!!
  8. Releasing Fear and Worry – The concept is simple, write down your deepest worries, fears, and stresses. Pour all your emotions into that piece of paper. Then safely light a fire. Burn the written words and envision the smoke cleansing and ridding those thoughts from you. This can be a powerful ritual to help you let go. This is a perfect practice on the night of the Full Moon!!
  9. Set Goals and Intentions at the New Moon – Creating goals and setting intentions around the new moon is a spiritual practice that helps set the tone for where you want to be, motivating you for the month ahead. The new moon represents new begginings and can be a powerful tool to assist you in achieving goals within that moon cycle.
  10. Take a Bath – You can turn a simple bath into a spa of emotional wellbeing and as a place to let go of stress and cal your mind. Add oils, salts, herbs, and crystals to your bathwater (check toxicity in water before using and some crystals melt or dull in water), place incense, candles and meditative music or guided meditations to improve the experience.
  11. Exercise – Endorphins, strengthening muscles, and improving flexibility will vastly improve your wellbeing and when you feel better you become more in tune with yourself, and even your own spirituality.
  12. Tai chi – helps you to relax and center.
  13. Record your Gratitude – Add a gratitude journal to your self-care night routine. Reminding yourself of your blessings can help you appreciate what you have. In fact, giving thanks can even make you happier. Try writing down 10 things you’re grateful for every day, no matter how big or small.
  14. Set Boundaries – Setting boundaries is so important, with others and with yourself. First, you’ll need to identify what your boundaries are, then identify how you will enforce them. Give yourself permission to say no to others’ demands and say yes to your own needs and desires. And most importantly, learn to feel your feelings.
  15. Plan Healthy Meals – Meal prepping is definitely an act of self-care since you save your future self time and energy. Plus, it’s a fun way to try new recipes and hone those cooking skills! Set aside time to prepare healthy meals and snacks, and make it fun put your favorite playlist one and pour yourself something fun to drink, like sparkling water.
  16. Volunteer – Doing good for others is an instant mood-booster. Find a local cause you feel passionate about, whether that be animal rescue, helping kids, environmental aid, etc.
  17. Perform Random Acts Of Kindness – Small acts of kindness go far, for both you and others. 
  18. Pray – For those who identify as religious or spiritual, connecting with your higher power through prayer is a wonderful self-care technique. However, if you’re not particularly religious, you can still make this tip work for you by performing ritual, chanting, etc…
  19. Give – No matter how big or small, every little bit helps when donating to charities, local businesses, and organizations you care about. Find ones that speak to you and give what you can.
  20. Go Off The Grid – Leave your smart phone at home for a day and disconnect from constant emails, alerts, and other interruptions. Spend time doing something fun with someone face-to-face.

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