enchanted baths

Self-Love and Relaxation Milk Bath


  • four parts powdered milk
  • one part baking soda
  • six drops lemon essential oil
  • ten drops chamomile essential oil
  • one part dried lemon peel
  • one part chamomile flowers.

Use this bath for:

  1. softening skin
  2. exfoliating skin
  3. aiding the healing of eczema and psoriasis
  4. calms acne
  5. hydrates skin without making it oily
  6. soothes sore muscles
  7. conditions hair
  8. encourages peace and calm
  9. promotes self love
  10. helps with astral projection
  11. good for after doing tiresome mental or physical work
  12. invigorates throat chakra.

Goddess Bath Ritual


  • A handful of sea salt
  • A handful of epsom salts
  • 3 crushed up dried red rose petals
  • Essential oil of sweet orange
  • Essential oil of rose
  • Essential oil of jasmine
  • Some (body safe!) glitter
  • A dash of cinnamon

Grind together while envisioning a good self image for yourself.

You will need:

  1. The salts you just made
  2. Several gold, pink or white candles
  3. Items you find pretty
  4. Dragon’s Blood incense
  5. A small mirror
  6. Lotion you like
  7. A great, empowering, playlist (optional)

Bathe at night, if possible, doing your bath exclusively by candlelight – everyone looks great in candlelight. Add some items to the rim of my tub that you find beautiful: a comparison to the beauty you wish to embody. These can be anything; gemstones, antique trinkets or jewelry. Light some Dragon’s Blood incense to increase the potency of the spell. Draw a warm bath, then add the salts.

Get in your bath and soak for a little while, thinking about your intent. Make sure to get as much of your body into the bath as possible, let it envelop your body and envision yourself transforming your self esteem into strength, courage, beauty and positivity.

 Right before you get out of the bath, take your mirror and look at yourself in the reflection while you imagine any “imperfections” you may see becoming less visible, then disappearing altogether. Say something empowering like (my personal favorite) “I am worthy and empowered” , or “I am beautiful in my uniqueness” and give yourself a kiss the surface of your mirror, then put the mirror away. Get out of your bath and let yourself air-dry if possible. Lock in that moisture from your bath with a sweet-smelling lotion. You’re finished and absolutely gorgeous!

Inspiration Bath

  • 10 drops bergamot oil
  • 8 drops lemon balm oil
  • 8 drops bay oil
  • 5 drops grapefruit oil

Add oils to a full tub of water and soak till cool. To inspire contentment, sharpen concentration and promote creativity.

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