new moon in virgo

New Moon In Virgo

This is the first of 3 Super-moons which will be taking place (This year). This magic new moon in Virgo is all about stepping into our power and raising our vibration and awareness. Remembering just how worthy, valuable and amazing we are is what this new moon is all about. New Moons represent the start of a new lunar cycle, and are the perfect time to plant seeds and set intentions for the month ahead. While this is true of all New Moons, the strong, and refreshingly clear, vivid energy of this Virgo Super New Moon make it one of the most powerful new beginnings of this year.

The sign of Virgo combined with the fresh beginning of a new moon is asking you to focus, fine-tune, get clear on your goals and visions.This is a perfect time to find new solutions to old problems. this current alignment of the planets support sound and bold answers to the question of what we need to accomplish right now in our personal and collective life to move forward into a brighter outlook for the future. There is no ‘rule’ to be manifesting with the moon as such. This moon shouldn’t have the intensity we have been experiencing lately, but it is powerful, so use it with care, enthusiasm and know that now is the time for you and your new phase.

This energy lasts for 3 days before and 3 days after the New Moon and will help move us forward with greater clarity and ease. Over these next few days focus on how you can step more boldy into your power. Ask yourself: What do I have to offer the world, my community? How do I want to shine my light, and shine it brighter? ⠀

☆ Remember, gratitude is the key to allowing things to work for you so always be grateful for what you already have before asking for more.

☆ With Mars in retrograde, tensions are high and energy is fiery. Be mindful of your own actions and try not to take anything personally at the moment. We’re all feeling a little more agitated than normal.

New Moon Intention Rituals

Simple Intention Setting Outline

  • Sage
  • Light a candle
  • Use Aromatherapy
  • Use crystals
  • Meditate
  • Express gratitude
  • Write down your wishes


  • A money attracting plant such as basil or rosemary in a pot
  • a bowl of rain water or water which has been in the sun
  • a green crystal

  1. Set the plant, crystal and bowl of water in a triangle on the ground with the bowl of water at the apex
  2. Cup your hands around the plant pot and say 9 times: Bring growth, I ask, to nature and my life
  3. Cradle the plant pot visualizing the plant growing and money coming into your life
  4. Dip the crystal into the bowl of water 3 times and say:
  5. Be for me prosperity, abundance and fertility
  6. Push the crystal into the earth around the plant and repeat 3 times:
  7. Bring growth, I ask, to nature and my life
  8. Water the plant daily and repeat as you water it:
  9. Be for me prosperity, abundance and fertility
  10. Amen, Aho, and So It Is

Focus for the Virgo New Moon

  • How can you adjust your thoughts to achieve your goals? Look at your world with a more logical, practical approach.
  • Begin making lists of things that need done, now! Write your list of what you want to start seeing coming into your life.
  • Stay motivated.
  • Keep your vibe high.
  • Eat nutritious and more natural foods, this is not a time for indulgences – the denser the food, the denser the energy flow and Virgo energy is light and high vibration.
  • Self reflection.

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