rescue – rehabilitate – release

RELEASE VIDEO: A happy ending for these Wild Turkeys!

These Wild Turkeys were in our care and released back into the wild. They were each brought in orphaned by themselves, and were made adopted siblings here at Cedar Run. Our Wildlife Hospital treats nearly 150 different species of NJ native wild animals every year. Our staff prepares housing, diets and treatment plans unique for each species and patient. Please know that every single penny donated to Cedar Run helps save the lives of wildlife that are counting on us for a SECOND CHANCE. When you send a donation, you make a DIRECT IMPACT on preserving and protecting NJ’s wildlife. Thank you for your support!

Here are a few more release videos!

“On Friday, July 24th at 11:00 a.m. a red-tailed hawk, now fully recovered from a wing injury, was released back on TCC property. The Greens Crew rescued and transferred the hawk to Cedar Run Wildlife Rescue for medical treatment.”

PLEASE SHARE: Thank you to everyone that has donated to our URGENT fundraiser for Cedar Run so far! We need to keep fighting to ensure a bright future for the native wildlife that is relying on us! Check out this video from today’s release, a Turkey Vulture! He was hit by a car and was suffering from head trauma when he was rescued and brought to us. Today, he was able to go back out into the wild and be free! Did you know that Vultures also play a valuable role in keeping wildlife diseases in check? Vultures eat diseased and dead animals, removing them from our environment and stopping the spread of disease. The Vulture’s digestive system is highly acidic and is able to neutralize bacteria and other harmful organisms that are consumed along with the decaying flesh!
Good luck to these young groundhogs as they head out on their own! They were both brought to Cedar Run separately after being orphaned. Both of their mothers had been killed, one by a car and the other by a domestic dog. Fortunately, they were rescued and transported to Cedar Run where we raised them as siblings. They are now heading out on their own to be free in the wild! Thank you to our supporters for making this work possible!
“PLEASE SHARE! Click the link below to donate and show your support for Cedar Run this #GivingTuesday! Facebook is matching donations today only, so take this opportunity to have your donation doubled! Cedar Run provides a second chance to 5,000 injured and orphaned wild animals every year, and receives no county, state or federal funding. We rely on the donations of supporters like YOU to make this work possible. The American Kestrel being released in this video was raised at Cedar Run after she was found orphaned and starving. Fortunately, she was rescued and brought to Cedar Run where she was cared for by our staff and raised by our non-releasable female American Kestrel, Callie. Please consider making a donation today to help us close our year-end fundraising gap and ensure that we are here for future generations to come!”

You Can Find Out More About Our Release Program HERE

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