happy autumn equinox 🍂 merry mabon

Let’s celebrate with gratitude, fall is here! Plant new seeds that you desire to bring into manifestation and fulfillment over the rest of the year! This is a time to focus on bringing more balance into life, and your energy. Let’s notice the change around us and allow that change to be felt within us, it is time to shed the old so we can let in the new. The Moon is also waxing crescent phase, a perfect time for starting new projects, brain storming new plans and putting goals into action.

Journaling, would be lovely right now, maybe even outside in the remaining rays of sunshine with a cool wisp of wind blowing against your cheek. This act of intention helps me focus to set intentions, seeing them more vividly. here are some ideas of things you could journal on to help you with this transition and transformation…

  1. Where am I right now in my life?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. What habits and strengths would be helpful to develop and nurture?
  4. What types of relationships do I want to develop and nurture?
  5. What knowledge or skills do I want to improve or learn?
  6. Where do I want to focus my intentions?

2020 Fall Equinox Meditation With One Of My Colleagues and Reiki Teachers

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