invocation and a prayer to banish the fires

Unprecedented fires and destruction are occurring in the western US and around the world. Let us, collectively put our energies towards dispelling the flames and blocking the path of destruction from all life forms.
Amen, Aho And So It Is!


I cast for wind to calm it’s breeze
I cast for fire to be brought to it’s knees
I cast for the earth to be strong in this storm
I cast for the rain to destroy fire’s form

May all the fires come to an end
So that we may begin again
By the power of three
So mote it be…


Praying for calm winds –
Praying for wildlife to be safe –
Praying for earth soaking rain to now come to all areas affected by wildfires
May all fires be extinguished –
May the smoke cleared from the air –
May all of life affected have all the support and healing needed.

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