saturn direct

Karma – Reaping Rewards for Hard Work – Obligations – Patience
Saturn turns direct September 29, a heavy burden or responsibility will be lifted. Pluto follows Oct 4.

Saturn has been travelling through his home base and breaking down foundations, crushing hopes and dreams and testing our will — in order to crystallize something entirely new.

Today Saturn turns direct and makes you focus on working hard, self control, dealing with authority and fulfilling obligations. This is a time when we reap what you have sown in regards to sacrifices made and good or bad deeds done. Saturn turning direct in his home sign of Capricorn, is paving a new 30 year cycle. Be ready to lay firm foundations and use your innate power and authority. This is a highly motivated time to take focus and firm direction in your life.

The struggles and setbacks you have experienced in the last 6 months-3 years were lessons you needed to learn. They have been difficult to bear at times and yes, have left scars that will be with you forever. But the wounds are healing and you survived. Saturn is the big Daddy of life’s most important lessons. When a heavy planet, like Saturn, turns its direction it’s important and makes Be on the look out for progress, not perfection. It’ll be important to pay attention to what’s taking place in your life. More importantly …. what’s finally trying to move ahead.

As Saturn makes his move direct, he’ll be battling Mars, and Mars can bring anger into the equation and is currently retrograde in Aries. Roadblocks are going to still be in play (progress not perfection). We should keep expectations low about how far we’re going to actually get as Saturn wakes from his 4 month retrograde slumber.

During this planetary shift, you could feel like you just want to explode, lose patience and just want to get things done and out of the way but this is also a time with many tests and challenges. Your lesson is the art of patient persistence and continuing to move forward despite the obstacles. Saturn direct in Capricorn will now show you the rewards for all of your persistence and feelings of isolation. Slowly but surely, plans you have made will begin to move forward. Karma wants to see you stand strong through tough times. That is why lessons have been so harsh and seemingly never-ending. Instant gratification never brings long term success. It’s time to receive what you have sewn with gifts and rewards for all of your struggles with the reminder that nothing is worth anything without understanding struggle, blood, sweat and yes, often times, tears. Saturn pushes us into uncomfortable situations in order to get us closer to what we need to accomplish. No matter how hard we protest—he’s the planet that pushes us so we can accomplish our goals. Saturn digs deep into what we subconsciously want and need. And we not always ready to hear it, much like children really are.

When Saturn moves direct, it’s time to work on deconstructing boundaries, remembering responsibilities, checking and maybe changing rules and regulations that feel oppressive, outdated and no longer serve us. We’ve spent almost this entire year feeling the burden of limitation and restriction in our lives while getting in touch with our deepest passions and desires. Now we’ve reached a point of release, finalization and forward (albeit slow) momentum where we must commit to a path over the next month or two, tie up loose ends, clear away the rubble left behind from the big purge, and begin slowly and deliberately working toward building foundations that support what we perceive as the ideal future.

September 28th – Saturn turns Direct (Expect further delays and restrictions.)
October 4th – Pluto turns Direct (Pluto rules collective Death and Rebirth, so again, this will be a huge energy push and turning point )

Meanwhile…. Astrologers all over the country are predicting October will be a tough month and November even more so. There will be shifts we probably never have experienced like it in our lifetimes like we will in November. Expect the unexpected.

Saturn Direct – “is nudging us to get busy making the life we want to live. Over the past 4 ½ months, did you re-evaluate your boundaries and responsibilities? If so, now’s the time to get down to business and put those thoughts and plans into action. ~ Sage Goddess

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