Congratulations to INKnBURN Elite, Anji Paumier

Congratulations to INKnBURN Elite, Anji Paumier, who earned First Female Masters RX in her Dragon Capris! Check out her hang clean – 3 rep max and jerk complex with 175lbs! Way to go Anji!





Do you really know what’s in that mascara you use?? I switched from a very popular mascara that made my tiny lashes long when I had it on but made them break off, fall out and was painful even to wear.


Switching to It’s A Long Story Mascara has made my lashes long again not only when wearing it on but when it NOT on!!

The Best Mascara Ever!!!





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This Thursday’s Thought




Wearing INKnBURN Blue Healing Mandala

Finally I seem to have the right combination of nutrition and fitness tweaked and all the weight I gained a tear ago is melting away. That and the rain cleared today so I’m feeling awesome! This month has been a great month especially!

Tweaking what isn’t working when you think you’re trying so hard is really important. It may be that one small change will be that change everything moment. Mine was tweaking my nutrition, and adding weigh training into my rotation with run training and yoga.

So don’t get frustrated, don’t quit, tweak!




A Negative Mind





Recently, Robin sent INKnBURN some awesome INKnBURN Fan Mail, which she is allowing us to share! Check out her inspiring story in the latest blog post


Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Springtime is the perfect time to spring clean. And I’m not just talking about your house or apartment. Every aspect of your life can undergo a “spring cleaning”. Make your life less cluttered, less toxic, and get rid of unhealthy foods and habits!


🌷Stress can have real long term negative affects on your life. Your long term health and emotional wellbeing can touch every corner of your life and future self. Take steps towards letting go of the stress you carry every day. Some ideas for stress relieving activities are:


🌷Purging can give you an amazing feeling of renewal and fresh start. Carefully decide what no longer serves a purpose or expresses who you are as a person. As a society we tend to collect. It starts with things of emotional importance, something left to you by a parent or grandparent. But then it leads into attaching ourselves to belongings, things we “may need” at a later time. And that’s fine to some degree but when we only have so many square feet to store our life in, it doesn’t allow for personal growth. The person you are going to be tomorrow or next week. You may not surf today, but if you have a desire to surf and you have no room for the board, guess what? You won’t surf, you’ll put it off.  So clear out space and allow yourself to grow and breathe! Start here: Closet Purging . And move on to the rest of the your home!

  • Closets
  • Cabinets
  • Jewelry Box
  • Garage
  • Storage Bins and Spaces
  • Products You Use


🌷Treat yourself to some self love and self acceptance. Spring is a great time to renew your spirit and your focus. To start new things, allow new ideas to form, etc…  When we take a moment to pamper ourselves we come back to the world refreshed and able to give more of ourselves in a positive light. So treat yourself to some time spent just on renew your own spirit and give yourself the time to recharge. Treat yourself to;


🌷Re-establish your life goals. Goals, dreams and ambitions can change over time as you as a person develop and change. Write down what’s important to you that you want to accomplish. Both with your work life and your home life. What skills do you want to brush up on or learn?  Witting them down will make you gain a better focus. You can create a dream or vision board online or at home. But re-evaluate what you want in life and where you want to go in your future!

🌷Not only is it time to clear away things that clutter your home, your mind and your life but it’s also a fabulous time to start new projects and new healthy habits. Doing new things helps us to grow as people and helps us to see the world from different perspectives. You can meet new friends and maybe even broaden a path your on or discover new paths you may want to travel. It’s a great time to try something you have a fear about, like swimming or parasailing.

🌷Then of course there is actual spring cleaning, here’s a checklist to get you rolling

🌷This is the time to clear away all that no longer serves you or doesn’t serve you well. The time you spend spring cleaning life will be rewarding and you may just discover new things about yourself along the way!