Opportunity Knocks

If you need or use skincare…
If you need or use nutritional products…
If you use everyday products like deodorant…
If you’re sitting at home doing nothing anyway…
Or stuck in a rut…
Or could use a second income…
Or even just a discount on amazing products…
Or dream of building an empire…
This may just be an opportunity for you!
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FEBRUARY 3rd - 9th: 🍋 Lemon & Ginger Detox Week

FEBRUARY 3rd - 9th:
🍋 Lemon & Ginger Detox Week🍋

Join me for a 7 day body cleanse.
• You receive 7 packets of Essentials Body Cleanse.
• You will get 7 days of recipes and meal plans.
• And have a list of foods to eliminate or avoid for the 7 days.
• You will get some healthy tips and tons of motivation!
• And lose some bloat, manage the damage from eating/drinking indulgence and will even help your body be able to fight off those seasonal colds, flu and allergies!

Email me for details!
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My Daily


My daily shake…
•20 g per serving of easy-to-digest vegan protein, derived from peas, rice and cranberries
•Supplemented with 24 essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy living inside and out
•Clinically tested and certified to have a low glycemic index which shows that it has little effect on blood sugar levels and does not cause a spike in blood sugar
•Available in Chocolate or Vanilla, as well as other seasonal and limited-edition flavors
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New and Going Going Gone


Just a quick note to remind you of a few lovely offers ending today in case they align with your wants. All pricing on flyer:
🌳 Nutrition Blockbuster 30 Day set with free RE9 cleanser, gym tote, and free shipping. If you’d like to join my next detox group starting 1/20, today is the last day to order in time!!
🌳 Rosé Champagne limited edition fizzys go live tomorrow at 9am est. I’m taking preorders until end of day today and bulk ordering at 9am. You can order through me, or go online yourself at 9am.
🌳 Marble Cake Protein also goes live at 9am est. Same as above.
🌳 Lastly the “Cheers To Us” 40th anniversary bundle also goes live at 9am est with a Rosé, a Marble Cake, and a 40th logo shaker cup.
❤️ Susan

Some #SundayCelebrations

"GM family!!! Just wanted to share my arbonne testimony, but mine is a 
tad bit different as I'm trying to gain muscles but lose fat at the same 
time. Pic below is a 90-day transformation, about 90/10 nutrition. 
One caveat is that I do measure my macros. 💜

So if you have any clients who think this is just for people who wants to 
lose weight, please share my pictures. Or the ones who are in the 
bodybuilding world, tell them this is straight up #arbonne produced muscles.
I used to be a hater of vegan protein cuz I was too stupid to know their 
value until I got on this Arbonne lifestyle! It's all about living the 
healthy lifestyle, eating clean and fueling your body with the most 
effective and dense nutrition to achieve your goals. I workout about 
6 times a week, cardio 5X (Peloton rides mostly).

Excuse the grind face "

Charly & her hubby

"Arbonne 30 days has changed our lives for the better and have kick started 
our weightloss journey with a bang!! 15.9 kilos gone between us 💪"



Another awesome testimony, HEALTHY INSIDE AND OUT!
Ask me for samples if you’d like to try (protein/RE9).
This is 6 weeks!
RE9 Advanced Anti Aging + #Arbonne30



🎉#SaturdayCelebrations #SaturdayShoutOuts
“Another 30 days of healthy living testimony. The top WAS my eczema and how my neck looked on a regular basis BEFORE I got in tune with my body, and BEFORE I gained all the knowledge of how to be the healthiest I can be. 😱😱😱
The bottom is NOW 🤗🤗🤗