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Crystals and Crystal Grids
can be made to be used in different ways for a variety of purposes

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  • Crystals and crystal grids are used to make a group of crystals vibrate higher so their metaphysical properties are magnified.
  • Like distance reiki,  crystal grids can be a hands-off style of healing. You are remotely “placed” inside a crystal grid with an intention for healing from your crystal healer/reiki practitioner and their angels, guides and higher Powers. 
  • Crystal grids on your body during in-person sessions. These sessions are very much the same as remote grid sessions above.
  • During healing sessions crystal wands and extractors can be used to move and transmute energy.
  • You can also simply have even just 1 crystal programmed for a specific healing or life changing purpose.
  • Crystals can be used to bless/cleanse your home, workplace, car, etc.. 
  • Using crystal grids in your spiritual practice has many benefits – including deepening your meditation practice, cleansing your space, manifesting, and raising the vibration of your home.

I am presently offering a combination distance crystal energy and Reiki healing energy session. The session will be custom created for you and personalized for your issue by a selection of crystals that I will work with.
The Reiki will continue to work with your body indefinitely.
The grid will continue to send healing energy for 24hrs.

$30.00 W/Photo Of Grid Emailed To You

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